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‘I have other wives, kids’

By Prisca Manyiwa / Published on Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 14:53 PM / No Comments / 2085 views

9 January 2018


A-69-year-old man was hauled to the civil court by one of his numerous young wives for failing to maintain her children.

Regis Mudzingwa who is staying with two wives at the moment who are 40 years and 30 years younger than him was sued by Wilter Ncube for failing to pay her children’s school fees and buying food.

Mudzingwa told magistrate Mtukwa that he was not able to maintain Ncube’s children because he had seven minor children with another woman and others who went away with their mothers.

“I survive from selling firewood so I do not know where she wants me to get that US$40 from.

“I have seven other children with my younger wife and as you can see your worship this woman is very young which means I married other women and sired children with them before her so I have many children I am failing to support.

“I can afford to give her only US$10 per month,” said Mudzingwa.

Ncube maintained that she should be given US$40 since her husband sometimes sells firewood with her children and surrenders the money to the other wife.

“Your worship this man is so unfair, sometimes he takes my son to go and help him but after that he takes all his proceeds to the other wife.

“I sell firewood and sometimes I exchange firewood with a cup of sugar to feed my children,” she said.

Taking into consideration the respondent’s age and what he does to earn a living, the court concluded that Mudzingwa should pay US$30 per month as maintenance for the upkeep of his three minor children with the applicant with effect from January 31.

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