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By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Thursday, 21 Sep 2017 20:34 PM / No Comments / 2790 views

21 September 2017

FLAMBOYANT rapper, Stunner – real name Desmond Chideme – says he will not pay attention to negative stuff meant to derail his progress.

The rapper was referring to the recent Olinda-Trigar telephone audio that leaked where Trigar revealed the rapper’s top secrets.

Below is the statement that Stunner issued:

Dear Stunner supporters and fans.
So many good things are happening to me professionally and personally, I am in a good place.
We have an amazing album with exciting visuals coming, big companies backing us up and a happy home.
I ask you to laugh and ignore negative vibes and not try and harm or do anything destructive on my behalf (I have got serious offers on that).
The path of the good grace of the Lord I chose to walk in has been doing wonders and if what we want is to see the music prosper then we are on the right track, we can’t be moved or distracted right now.
I will pay no attention to things like that, they are designed to pull you back when you are at the verge of victory.
You might think of going to cause someone harm and end up in jail, get harmed yourself or hurt the ones rallying behind you.
A good thing is about to happen and I am not reacting to anything.
God is in control.
Love one another and yourselves. #StrayBullet

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