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I’m apolitical: Chivaviro

By Matthew Masinge / Published on Thursday, 25 Jan 2018 18:44 PM / No Comments / 1811 views

“I am not a political man and I have no political convictions. I am an individual and a believer in liberty. That is all the politics I have,” goes A Charlie Chaplin’s popular saying.

The famous quote was said by musician and church leader Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro after launching his 15th album titled Matishamisha Jireh at New Ambassador Hotel on Monday.

A lot has been said about the musician’s title song Matishamisa Jireh that has left many convinced he has included political verses and probably got carried away by last November’s political changes.

“Kubata kwenyu takuona pano, simba renyu tariona pano, mhuri yese irikufara imi Mwari matishamisa….

“…vabva kumusha varikufara, nevedhorobha varikufara kana vediaspora varikufara imi Mwari mavashamisa.

“Tarira vana hwindi varikufara, magweja ese varikufara madriver edu varikufara….,” goes part of the song.

Critics say listening through the song one would picture the street marches of November 18 and 21 that culminated in former president Robert Mugabe stepping down.

However, the Ebenezer hit-maker has silenced the thoughts saying he only composed the song at a church conference back in August last year.

“I only thought of composing the song back in August last year at a church conference and my wife can testify because I immediately informed her of my intensions to do the song,” he said.

Pressed further he said he is always a mouth piece of God’s word and as a preacher he sometimes has revelations.

“I can’t stop people from thinking anyhow towards the song now that it’s officially out there for their consumption.

“Besides doing music I am also a leader of God’s church and these things happen all the time, you preach a sermon and things come to pass only that this time it was in song.

“It took me sometime to assemble the right people to do the song and at the end 10 voices combined on the song,” he said.

Away from the political links, the reverend also celebrated his 43rd birthday with his fans and shared his cake with his mother.

The launch was attended by a number of political figures including Minister for Harare Metropolitan Province-Mirriam Chikukwa, MDC vice president Nelson Chamisa
Chivaviro’s fellow apostles from different church ministries were also among the guests.

The eight track album was bought for US$300 and officially launching the offering guest of honour, Minister Miriam Chikukwa encouraged the musician to dream big.

“I don’t want you to enjoy the fruits of mediocre when you see your fans shouting and screaming each time you go on stage.

“I know you can be better than that, I want to see you making impressions on the international stage and the same should apply to all musicians,” she addressed Chivaviro.

The musician also shared the stage with long time friend Baba Manyeruke who recorded parts of the launch for his forthcoming documentary.

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