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I’m still married: Mai Gunguwo

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Thursday, 08 Dec 2016 12:17 PM / No Comments / 5567 views

8 December 2016

Pastor Lucia Gunguwo
Pastor Lucia Gunguwo

ETERNAL Word Ministries International leader and marriage counselor Dr Lucia Gunguwo called on lustful men to close their zips following word circulating that she is a divorcee.

Mai Gunguwo dismissed reports that she separated with her husband and quickly got married to an ardent follower of her bedroom teachings.

The 45-year-old Mai Gunguwo told H-Metro that everything is well and her husband Baba Gunguwo scoffed at the allegations.

“I am sure you are the right person to testify that I am still married to Baba Gunguwo because you saw him and he is ever supportive,” said Mai Gunguwo referring Baba Gunguwo’s efforts to help her after her vehicle developed a mechanical fault.

“As someone who moves and teaches with authority on marriage issues, people are ever checking on my marriage life to take a leaf while some expect me to face challenges.

“It is common that couples differ in certain issues as a family and what is of importance is to show maturity by resolving their conflicts amicably and move on.

“Handizi weplastic. I am a woman like others with emotions and feelings as well so it is not a surprise to hear that I argue with Baba Gunguwo at some point and that is the difference between the living and the dead since the dead cannot argue.

“When one of us gets angry we quickly resolve it by quenching our ‘natural thirsty’ that heals the body and get done and move on.

“If there were some lustful men getting ready to view Mai Gunguwo undressed as their wife tell them to forget, vaGunguwo varipo ndevangu ndinavo,” said Mai Gunguwo.

Asked why she has been silent for some time and opening a new Facebook account with Kanengoni as her surname, Mai Gunguwo said she has been studying books to further her education aiming to be an ambassador one day.

“Kanengoni is not a new husband but my maiden surname maybe some may not know it,” she added.

“I am studying a degree program in development studies with Midlands State University and also studying a diploma in International Communications since my aim is to be an ambassador of Zimbabwe one day if God permits.

“I am reading books much of my time and I want to believe that this is why people started speculating about my marriage life viewing it negatively.

“My husband laughed after I told him that people are spreading lies that we had separated, it’s only he has left I could have given you time to speak to him although he is media shy,” said Mai Gunguwo.

She urged people not to believe all that they see with their naked eyes saying it gives them wrong conclusions.

She reiterated that she is moving on with marriage teachings as she continues to reposition herself by furthering her studies saying if she separates with baba Gunguwo she would officially announce it to the public.

Mai Gunguwo is an ambitious woman who owns a catering, events management and decor company, Lucy Creations.

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