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I’m the ghetto president: Simba Bodyslam

By Reporter / Published on Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 17:47 PM / No Comments / 1838 views

10 August 2016


Simba Chakare
Simba Chakare

GREETINGS H-metro readers,

It’s an honour contributing in this column in my own capacity as businessman, entertainer and music promoter.

I have always had a passion for entertainment and I would like to share my vision and make a reflection on the path I have travelled over the years. Read on…


My name is Simbarashe “DJ Trouble” Chakare, the owner of Bodyslam Sounds.

I was born on 6 October 1980 and raised in Harare’s Highfield where I did primary education at Kuwangira School and Kwayedza High School.

I have one sibling, DJ Nyashvale.

As one of my primary school teachers noted, I was quite good in Mathematics and often won academic prizes for excellence.


Like any other kid of my age and coming from that neighbourhood, I had my own fair share of troubles which quickly earned me the nickname DJ Trouble.

DJ Trouble on decks
DJ Trouble on decks

I was raised by my grandmother Mbuya aSimba, the maverick old lady and mother to my mum, Violet Chabvuta.

In fact, I grew up in a humble family.


I am still unassuming and quiet. I played football with his colleagues at the Zororo Centre, just a walking distance from my grandparents’ house in Highfield.

I played for my primary school team as a defender and won many accolades on the sporting field where I also excelled in track events.


I was identified as one the key defenders at Kwayedza High School and the famous Sports Master, Mr Mburai elevated me into the football team where I became a regular in the first team when I was in Form 3.


Growing up in Highfield was never easy with the threat of drug abuse, alcoholism and any sort of truancy always facing the youngsters in the area on a daily basis.

However, I and most of my friends managed to evade this scourge and celebrate this achievement today and thank God that we were not side tracked.

I also give praise to my grandparents and uncles who guided and moulded me into what I am today.


After high school, I entered into a partnership with Paul Muchena at RANSPO Clearing and Shipping Company for 10 years where I mastered the art of clearing and shipping before forming his own company in 2010 partnering with Tinashe Mashita.

Seeing the need to have a professional touch to his newly formed business, I went back to school and acquired several qualifications in Clearing and Shipping and Customs and Excise policies.

Currently, I boast of owning Hillgate Clearing and Shipping Company, which serves clients who are into imports and exports of goods.

I am always dreaming big and to support the shipping and clearing Services Company.

I have acquired several haulage trucks which now form part of the Bodyslam Trucking Business.

These trucks operate in Zimbabwe ferrying goods to any destination in Zimbabwe.


In the year 2014, we decided to open a recording studio which records upcoming and established Zim dancehall artistes from all the four corners of Zimbabwe.

The Bodyslam stable has since its launch come up with two projects which have produced high quality Zimdancehall riddims topping local charts and popular with Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

I continue working with a number of young people from Highfield, Mbare and the surrounding areas to uplift their musical talents and hopes that they will achieve their dreams in the process.

Youths like DJ Diaspora and Papoosse form part of DJ Trouble’s Bodyslam Sounds Team and the sky is only the limit for them.


DJ trouble on holiday with family
DJ trouble on holiday with family

Of course, a man can never be a man without an empress by his side.

I am happily married to Eddar and we are blessed with three beautiful princesses, Tendai, Nakai and Mufaro.

We have been together for 12 years and i give all the praise and thanks to the Most High Jah who continues to guide us and of course my team as we raise Zimbabwe’s flag to the highest! Bodyslam to the World!



When many people see the BODYSLAM BRAND shinning, they think it just woke up like that but it has through thick and thin, through sweat and through the dirt!

If you find yourself in association with the BODYSLAM BRAND, take it with PRIDE!, this is the taste, smell and face of HARD WORK &SUCCESS! We pushed from hustle to struggle to honour and birthed hobbies to business and now a fully-fledged Zimbabwean Empire!


It’s steadily growing and being accepted all over the world now especially with Zimbabweans abroad.

The artistes and producers are doing their best to have good quality music and with the grace of God, in the next five years the music will be recognised internationally.

Artistes who benefited from Bodyslam
Some of the artistes who benefited from Bodyslam

As a music loving person I just added value to the youths in the ghetto especially the artistes.

When I came in industry the artistes were lowly paid and these are some of the things we improved.

I opened a studio for the Zim dancehall artiste to record for free, which saw a lot coming forward.

We managed identify a lot of talent and I can safely say I am their ghetto president in as far as the Zim dancehall movement goes.

Prior to my intervention these young guys were being underpaid and they are now being respected.



I said i don’t want to do music production under Bodyslam name and the last riddim we did was Back In Town.

I gave PTK the equipment and he now owns his own studio

I have been a DJ since year 2000 and I remain one; that’s nothing to do with music production and am into music promoting which is a risk business and also it’s nothing to do with free music recording that’s a business on its own
You won’t hear any new music with a Bodyslam tag on it we done with music production.

Even though the pressure is too much from artistes and ghetto youths to reopen the studio that’s not in our minds now.

• Venue monopoly

In music promotion, venue monopoly is the problem Zimbabwe has to fight especially venue bookings and important dates.

The well established promoters are monopolising the whole thing leaving the new guys in the game with no option than to leave them rule.

For instance, when you visit National Arts Council of Zimbabwe offices, you are told these (special) dates are for this guy which is bad as young promoters find it so hard to penetrate.

However, we will soldier on hatisi kukwata topinda chete pamamonya ipapo.

Our time will come and will rule. How can someone book one venue for year until 2018 that’s b*lsh*t.



This Madirirano movement it’s a ghetto way of gathering. It was started by ladies in our neighbourhood the likes of Mbuya Chihota , Pheoby , Madam Boss Major, Shamiso among others.

On Sundays, they gather having drinks and they will be selling beers as well as a way of living

It has also grown popular and we are taking it to the United Kingdom and South Africa.

• Seduction

I am well disciplined and still young. I respect my family very much and I always avoid ladies.


Under Bodyslam We have three awards namely Best Riddim, Best Promoting Abroad UK , and Honary Award for Best Promoter (SA).


My family mostly ana sekuru vangu i thank them so much for the courage and support they give me.

In fact, the Bodyslam thing was started by my uncles in 1990 and I took over year 200.

I also want to thank my family.

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