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I’m vulnerable to female fans – Majuice

By Rest Mutore / Published on Wednesday, 04 Jul 2018 14:58 PM / No Comments / 2491 views

4 July 2018

. . . I bleach, it’s my choice

. . . Macheso is father figure

ALICK Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo lead dancer Majuice – real name Selemani Mpochi – says he has been vulnerable to female fans since he joined the group but has a way to deal with them. He has also been accused of using skin lightening materials and he admits – with no regrets. He described Macheso as a father figure who has taught him a lot about life. Read on . . .

Question: Who sets the dance moves at Mberikwazvo?
Answer: Usually it’s me but I also get some help from the man himself (Macheso). Jonasi Kasamba is also good in as far as choreography is concerned so he also helps me.

Question: During Slomo’s days, was there a battle to be number one?
Answer: Franco was my senior, I came to the band and found him there as a leader of the team. So I was actually learning from him but this talk of competition was fuelled by fans. It’s the fans who started saying that Majuice is better that Franco, Franco is better that Majuice but we don’t believe in that at Mberikwazvo. We work as a team and our main goal is to entertain our fans. The issue is we had some similar moves and some fans could even confuse me for Franco.

Question: And talk that Franco left because of you?
Answer: I dismissed it. There was such talk but I don’t think so. He is a man who has his own dreams and I think he just wanted to fulfill them.Question: Is there a battle now with Kariba?

Answer: The fans and you (media) talk about it but we are not in competition. There is no battle. I actually help him that no, do it this way because I am senior to him. At the same time I also learn from him because he has his own unique style good to the band.

Question: Do you think you are the best dancer at Mberikwazvo?
Answer: That’s for the fans to judge. I have my own style which fans like; Kariba has his style so does Charlie Chembe. So I cannot say that I am the best. Don’t be surprised that there are fans who don’t appreciate my style.

Question: Which songs do you enjoy dancing to (which albums)?
Answer: Petunia, Mundikumbuke (Simbaradzo), Tafadzwa (Zvinoda Kutendwa), Charakupa (Zvido Zvenyu kunyanya), Sarah (Magariro) and about four songs – Chikuru Kurarama, Ndakakutadzirei, Pfuma Yacho and Kudzwai – on the new album.

Question: Which has been your best show ever and why?
Answer: My first show at Orchestra Mberikwazvo end of 2009 at Ochi City. I was excited that I have joined a big band in the country.

Question: Worst show ever and why?
Answer: One of our shows in Mozambique. I don’t remember the place but we travelled a long distance by road and I was very tired. I couldn’t enjoy work.

Question: Best friend in music?
Answer: I have three, Yuki who is with Leonard Zhakata, Peter Moyo and Mabla 10.

Question: Best friend at Mberikwazvo?
Answer: Kariba and Givie Chokumanyara. But this does not mean that I don’t associate with others. We are family but obviously you have people you are closer to. I understand that is the same situation here at your work.

Question: Which genre do you enjoy dancing to?
Answer: I dance to any tune because that is my work. I have worked with a number of groups before I joined Mberikwazvo and that has worked to my advantage over the years. I, however, enjoy sungura and rhumba.

Question: Which other groups have you worked with before joining Macheso?
Answer: I worked with Peter Tangwena, Starlight Musica and Leonard Zhakata. These are just big outfits but I worked with some groups performing at various events to earn a living.

Question: How did you end up at Mberikwazvo?
Answer: When Peter Tangwena decided to stop music, we continued as Starlight Musica and we engaged Macheso to be his supporting act. Nothing materialised then until I went on stage while he was performing at Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton. He was impressed and his management engaged me. I then went to Ochi City the following week and I was eventually told that I was part of the group. It was through public endorsement after he asked the crowd that ‘toita sei naye uyu’.

Question: Your best album since joining Mberikwazvo?
Answer: The best album came barely a year after joining the group. Zvinoda Kutendwa is my best. I also enjoy Dzinosvitsa Kure and it comes second ahead of Tsoka Dzerwendo and Kwatakabva Mitunhu.

Question: Your verdict on the new album?
Answer: One of the best albums by Alick Macheso and with this he has silenced critics.

Question: Your favourite musician?
Answer: Alick Macheso, he is talented.

Question: How do you relate with Macheso?
Answer: He is like a father to me. We are good friends but I respect him and take his advice serious. He talks to us as a group teaching us about life.

Question: Where will you be five years from now?
Answer: Fulfilling my life dreams at Mberikwazvo. In as far as music is concerned; I don’t see myself joining any band as long as Macheso is still alive.

Question: Were you once lured to join other bands?
Answer: Yes, the same time Franco Slomo left the group. I had no problems with mdhara Macheso and there was no reason for me to betray him. I even told myself that there is nowhere I can enjoy the fruits of my sweat besides at Mberikwazvo.

Question: Love life?
Answer: I am married, happily married.

Question: You once grabbed headlines with marital woes and cheating allegations?
Answer: Typical of every man but the important thing is I am happy. We all encounter such things as people but it never affected me.

Question: And talk that you bleach?
Answer: Bleaching or not it’s my skin. Yes I do it whenever I feel so because I have the resources to do so. Why should people be worried about my life? Ndine zvandinoda nezvandinozvidira zvacho and handiiudzirwe zvekuita kune zvandinoda. These are lyrics on track number six on Dzinosvitsa Kure and I dedicate them to people who go around talking about hee Majuice bleaches bla bla bla.

Question: You are a favourite with female fans, how do you handle them?
Answer: True, female fans love me very much and I am okay with it. I just know how to deal with them. Zvituturidzi zviriko asi chikuru kuzviziva and I am actually happy about that.
I admit that I am vulnerable to female fans but I don’t know the reasons. Maybe it’s because of my good moves on stage. I think they have other assumptions (laughs).

Question: Your favourite food?
Answer: I like rice, beans and fish.

Question: What properties do you have?
Answer: I wouldn’t disclose but I have properties worth my net and I will continue working hard and fulfill my dreams.

Question: Favourite programmes on TV?
Answer: Anything to do with music. I also like action movie channels.

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