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Itai’s wedding plans

By Adoration Bizure / Published on Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016 13:24 PM / No Comments / 5502 views

19 October 2016

Putting a ring on it – Itai Mutinhiri’s fiance putting a ring on her finger

Star FM presenter-cum-musician, Itai Mutinhiri, has started preparing for her wedding after she got engaged last Saturday on her boyfriend’s birthday party.

Mutinhiri said she is taking her time in making her wedding a special day that will be filled with glitz and glamour.

She, however, could not reveal the day her fiancé was going to pay the bride price saying she did not want to give him pressure.

“A white wedding is a dream of every woman, I started having this dream when I was a young girl and I am happy that dream is about to come true.

All smiles – Itai Mutinhiri and fiance

“My fiancé and I want to make this day very special so we are still at the initial stage of planning but definitely we will be having it next year.

“With the help our relatives and friends I know we will come up with the ideal wedding we always had, full of glitz and glamour,” she said.

Speaking on her engagement, Mutinhiri said she was left speechless when her fiancé made the engagement proposal.


“My fiancé’s birthday was on Saturday so along I was planning with his sister to surprise him on his birthday not knowing the sister was working for the engagement on the same event behind my back.

“The surprise was of turning a dinner for two into a big birthday party, I was supposed to go for dinner with him and then when we get there he was supposed to be surprised by having our friends and relatives there.

“I did as his sister and I had initially planned and when we got there I was the one who ended up getting surprised when he proposed for engagement.

“I was also shocked when I learnt that he was the one who had financed the whole thing through his sister whom I was working with.

“It was so romantic and sweet and up to now I am speechless,” she said.

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