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It’s the little things that count: Pasuwa

By Snodia Mikiri / Published on Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018 15:57 PM / No Comments / 673 views

26 June 2018


FORMER Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa says that the small issues in football matter the most.

Pasuwa made the statement after training players without contracts under the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe banner at Motor Action Sports Club yesterday. These players are looking to get selected for the FUZ team that is set to tour Botswana.

“As FUZ we are trying to create a bridge for these youngsters to reach their potential. We are trying to get these players clubs through Football Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ).

“There are some areas we are looking to improve on these players by polishing them up,” Pasuwa said.

“We are also working as guides to these youngsters. It’s those small issues they take lightly that matter the most.

“Things like discipline, arriving at the training session on time and also respecting the coaches.

“As a coach if I say come by this time you should be punctual,” he added.

Apart from discipline Pasuwa is of the view that drug abuse is a major factor that needs to be addressed urgently.

“Drug abuse is also another thing we should never get tired of telling these youngsters how it affects their career.

“They need to be talked to about it over and over again.

“It’s all about repeating the same thing over again so that they begin to understand what you are saying,” said Pasuwa.

The FUZ coach talked about the issue of punctuality also.

“We are hammering the issue of punctuality.

“We tell these players that I need you to be here by 10:15 and then they show up at 10:30 and they will give you silly excuses.

“We are telling them that if you continue like that you will stay unemployed,” he said.

“As FUZ we need to have at least ten players to be signed from the squad we have.

“We need progress and we want a better life for these players,” he said.

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