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Jah Prayzah behind camouflage craze

By Adoration Bizure / Published on Wednesday, 28 Dec 2016 16:37 PM / No Comments / 2381 views

28 December 2016


Local boutique owners have given credit to contemporary musician Jah Prayzah over the high sells of camouflage outfits in their shops this festive season.

Jah Prayzah, who is well-known for donning camouflage regalia, has been regarded as the main influence behind the new craze in the capital and even beyond.


This has been evidenced by pictures circulating on various social media platforms and the high number of people in the Central Business District as well as in nearby suburbs who were clad in camouflage outfits.

Rose & Sharon Boutique owner Rose Machisa said she owes Jah Prayzah for the high sells she got this festive season.

“Camouflage printing is the in thing, all camouflage clothes that were in my shop were all sold out, I wish if I had included a lot of Camouflage clothing in my stocks.

“The demand for camouflage clothing came to me as a shock, I didn’t know people were so much into camouflage regalia, if I had known, I would have prepared myself.

“What I realised is that all this craze for camouflage clothes is a result of the influence Jah Prayzah has on our market.

“Camouflage is being worn in other countries but locally its worse and I think it is because of Jah Prayzah.

“If it wasn’t for Jah Prayzah I wouldn’t have experienced such high sells this festive season so I want to thank him for that,” she said.


Stylish boutique owner, Trevor Gumbo, said the camouflage craze that has hit Harare was a result of the Jah Prayzah’s influence to the society.

“I personally believe that it is Jah Prayzah who has made camouflage clothes so popular like this.

“Jah Prayzah is a trend-setter and as you know he wears camouflage most of the time when he is on stage and his fans would want to follow suit.

“This has been a good year for him musically and this has also made camouflage appealing,” he said.

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