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By Charles Mushinga / Published on Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 15:32 PM / No Comments / 1847 views

12 October 2017


. . . Chengetedza video a class act


There is no doubt Jah Prayzah believes in the song Chengetedza – off his latest album set to be launched tomorrow at HICC.

It is already a sing-along among his legion of fans as he has sampled the song in most of his live shows this year.

And if that was not enough to prove that Chengetedza is one of – if not THE – favourite for the gangly artiste, then the release of a quality video of the song tomorrow, along with the album should erase all doubt.

H-Metro had exclusive sight of the yet-to-be-launched video and it is nothing short of a masterclass.

Jah has invested in the video, going as far as hiring the same model who starred as his girl in his collaboration with Davido on the video to “My Lilly” to ‘continue the relationship’ in this love song.

The video opens with Jah being arrested in front of his lover who breaks down, unable to rescue her lover.

After that she has to contend with visiting him in remand prison and the lyrics are a plea from Jah to his woman, asking her to prove her love for him despite the fact that he is a convict.

“Chengetedza rudo rwemoyo wangu,

Nyararidza kuchema kwehana yangu

Umire-mire ndirwire hondo dzangu,

Ndokuti ndizive kuti ndiwe dally wangu,” Jah pleads with the coloured beauty in the song.

And she abides and vows to get him out of his situation by moving mountains. As the song goes,

“Kana sango, ndofura sora,

Mwedzi, ndoturunura,

Gomo, ndokoromora

Ndokuti uzive kuti ndiwe dally wangu

. . . Chinokutambudza, pfumo rangu ndosimudza . . .”

So she literally arms herself and robs a bank to afford the lawyer that Jah needs.

All this happens amidst some brilliantly choreographed dances within the prison walls. The female inmates make the orange jail regalia look cool, dropping the overalls to the hips to reveal brassier in the upper body.

The trendy moves in their dances contrasted by the rough background make the video a must-watch. The male inmates – with some great acrobatic dances and gymnastic moves – complement the sexy female inmates as Jah’s lover pays a lawyer to get him out of prison.

Jah, is set free after the well-paid lawyer wins the case courtesy of the ‘heroics’ of his lover.

However, that series of events would have made this video controversial as it would have suggested that it is ok to be criminal to save a lover.

The ending of the video atones for this as – the same way they had arrested Jah at the start of the video – the police nabs Jah’s lover whilst they celebrated his release in an upmarket joint.

So crime does not pay for her in the end, but she had, as the song urges, ‘kept her man’s love safe’ with a true show of ill-advised bravado.

Like Jah Prayzah has proved over the last five years, the script to this video is world class and the producers – both Tamuka (audio) and Godfather (video) – prove that they are some of the best in the industry.

A prominent saxophone takes you through the song almost subconsciously and this video will almost certainly announce the song Chengetedza as the next great sing-along from Jah Prayzah.

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