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By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Monday, 09 Jul 2018 19:05 PM / No Comments / 1917 views

9 July 2018

Delight Mazuruse

Assistant Principal Correctional Officer Peter Chaparanganda encouraged prisoners to utilise their time in jail by engaging in courses that will upgrade their lives when they leave prison.

“As ZPCS we encourage those who are behind bars to utilise the season they would be incarcerated as an opportunity to empower themselves through various rehabilitation activities being offered by the organisation,” said Chaparanganda.

“Gone are the days when people were incarcerated for punishment, modern day prisons are now there to rehabilitate the offenders. For those offenders who want to further their education in various fields, ZPCS has created a conclusive environment for them to continue with their skill search while in prison,” said Chaparanganda.

“There are many inmates who came to prison as nobodys but they came out as people of value after being empowered by ZPCS,” he said.

Chaparanganda encouraged the people in society to support ZPCS because it is there to protect the society.

“ZPCS is modernising its institutions to become a real reformative centre therefore we urge the community to participate in this process.

“We are part of the community and inmates come from the society and go back to the society after imprisonment. I want to encourage the society to contribute ideas, resources and participate actively in the habitation of offenders,” said Chaparangada.

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