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Jailed for beating up wife

By Bridget Dheka / Published on Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 17:55 PM / No Comments / 2371 views

24 October 2017


A 48-YEAR-OLD Norton man has been sentenced to six months in prison for beating up his wife and threatening to kill her together with their children.

Mkabela Sibangiso pleaded guilty when he appeared before Norton magistrate Babra Chimboza charged with two counts of physical abuse.

“You worship I do admit to the charge.

“My wife does not respect me when I am talking.

“She responds using harsh words so I was angry that is why I ended up beating her,” he said.

He was sentenced to four months in prison and two months suspended from a previous conviction were brought into effect.

He shall save six months effective in jail.

Circumstances are that on September 14 Sibangiso and his wife Sibongile were at their matrimonial home when a misunderstanding ensued.

Sibangiso started assaulting his wife with a stick several times all over her body for no apparent reason.

It is said that Sibangiso became annoyed when his wife asked why he is assaulting her since she did not do anything wrong to him.

The accused also kicked his wife on her left arm and on her mouth to keep her mouth shut.

It is also said that Sibangiso went on threatening to kill his wife and the children instilling fear in them.

Sibongile suffered pain on her body as a result of the beating.

Leonellah Chitanda represented the state.

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