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Kariba cross dresser

By Matthew Masinge / Published on Friday, 17 Nov 2017 18:08 PM / No Comments / 5738 views

17 November 2017

A KARIBA cross-dresser has become the talk of the resort town as his pictures dressed like a woman are circulating.

Mike Chikochi, a well-known drunkard in Kariba, recently caused a stir when he was spotted putting on a red bra and several ladies panties on top of his khakhi shorts as he made way from Jumbo Centre.

A source close to the development told H-Metro that Chikochi always gets wasted when he gets his monthly dues.

“He is a well-known character around Kariba and people are used to his antics every weekend, especially during month ends.

“Only that his employer had not paid him in a while and when he got paid last week, it appears he lost his senses.

“He has pulled an unexpected stunt but it’s normal to him and his close friends have even confirmed he reported back for work early Monday morning,” said the source.

Reports also revealed that Chikochi bought the undergarments for his lady friend.

“He had bought the undergarments for his lady friend and as he made way to his place of lodging his senses ran out on him and he immediately tried them on.

“He would even great people normally on the road a sign that he is still normal and was only under the influence,” said the source.

After parading himself along the streets, he proceeded to Nyamhunga Stadium for a soccer match where he stole the show.

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