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Killer T hints on a new album

By Lastword Musekiwa / Published on Monday, 24 Oct 2016 16:01 PM / No Comments / 2110 views

24 October 2016

Killer T
Killer T

TALENTED Zim dancehall chanter, Killer T – real name Kelvin Kusikwenyu – says he is in the process of compiling his second album to be released mid-November.

The 10-track album is being produced by Oskid of Oskid Productions and Munya Vialy.

In an interview, Killer T’s manager Kudzai ‘Supa’ Biston who didn’t want to reveal too much detail about the album said:

“The upcoming album is very rich with social messages and caters for all age groups, so all his fans should expect a nice Christmas present.”

Supa also said they are still in the process of recording hence the album is yet to be titled and they are no collaborations on the album.

Posting on his Facebook page, Killer T said God that gives talent to people is one therefore there is room for every artiste to shine.

“Album randirikuburitsa ndo second Album rangu mamwe ese amainzwa ma singles plus zivai kuti Mwari anotipa tarenda mumwechete and haana favour mumwe akabikawo sadza ndobika rice kuti zvisiyane hatiyimbe zvakafanana amana mhiripiri ine manakiro ayo salt futi ine manakiro ayo hapasi pa makwikwi ne vanhu (This is my second album, all the tracks you heard were singles, also take note that there is only one God who gives us all talent, when one cooks sadza the other one cooks rice so that there is variation, we don’t sing the same stuff, chillies got its own taste and so is salt, so there is no competition)”

Killer T released a collection of singles in the first quarter of the year titled Pari Tricky.

He released his first album NgomaNdaimba in 2015 which had hits like ItaiNdione, Takumbofarawo and Kukosha Kwechikorobho.

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