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By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Monday, 13 Jun 2016 16:51 PM / Comments Off on KVG LOVING LONDON LIFE / 5188 views

13 June 2016

Phatisani 8

STAR FM’s star presenter, Kudzai Violet Gwara is loving life in London as she embarked on a historic trip to the United Kingdom where the 326 Express will broadcast live during the course of the week.

The 326 Express has become the country’s MOST popular radio show and by a distance!

Phatisani 3

The KVG and Phathisani Sibanda combination was, at first, deemed an unworkable experiment as Star FM sought a replacement for what had been a popular drive time show by veteran presenter, Tich Mataz.

However, the 326 Express has surpassed any other show and has grown into a sought-after brand with massive commercial value.

Phatisani 2

This is one of the reasons KVG and Phathisani are now taking radio to the world with the UK tour this week.

Speaking exclusively to H-Metro on Sunday, KVG said the flight to London was a whole new experience for her.
“The 11hr journey was a new experience, I was a bit nervous because I was trying to imagine how 11 hours in the sky would feel but I must say it was a smooth journey thanks to South African Airways for the fantastic flight from Harare to Joburg and Joburg to London,” she said.

They received a warm welcome.

Phatisani 9

“When we arrived at Heathrow, King Alfred one of the biggest Artist/Music promoter in the UK and Louis ZAA UK were waiting for us. It felt good hearing them welcoming us in Shona and I felt like I’m home away from home because of their warm rece ption. Hanzi ukama igasva…you know the rest of it straight from the airport we had breakfast and settled in after a good feed.”

KVG is loving the British summer weather.

Phatisani 4

“I’m loving the weather and I guess this was the right time to visit. I had packed a few jackets and a pair of boots just in case but looks like sandals and shorts is the way to go lol although I hear that the weather here is unpredictable.

“Life here is fast and people are always on the run we always talk of Harare as the city that never sleeps I think we need to change that 3am the streets of London are alive and people are always on to something. Its eye opening and I guess now I understand why they call it the First World and also you look around and see construction everywhere the infrastructure is way different from what we have back home. London never sleeps.”

Looked ahead to the purpose of their trip, KVG says she is ready to rock Star FM listeners.

Phatisani 5“I’m super charged and ready for the shows I have been taking time to listen to some radio stations here e.g. Capital FM, Kiss just to mention a few. Saturday morning Capital FM had an outside broadcast at some stadium with massive crowds and it made me realize that Star FM is definitely changing the game as we are keeping up with the International standards and pushing for world class radio.”

In between work, KVG has other things to do before returning home.

“So in between the shows we will do a lot of site visits and cultural exchange. We have something lined up with BBC, shopping of course and to learn as much as I can in this short time and take something back home that will also help the station e.g. interaction with the UK based artists and find ways we can build a bridge so we support our own back home.”

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