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By Takawira Dapi (Photovet) / Published on Thursday, 06 Oct 2016 16:18 PM / No Comments / 6811 views

6 October 2016

Kapfupi and a female reveller
Kapfupi and a female reveller

SIX FEMALE revellers and two male fans fell into what appeared to be trances last Sunday when Freddie “Kapfupi” Manjalima played gule traditional drums during his family show at Joy Centre (Machipisa).

The six – Susan Tagarira Chihera, Rosa, Fortunate Guyo, Esther, Cynthia along with an unidentified friend – requested for snuff (bute), wine  and Pacific cigarettes during the ‘trance’ while two male fans asked for opaque beer.

But it was the female fans who caught the attention of fellow revellers with their antics which are set to remain etched in the minds of many in attendance.

Kapfupi was charmed by the female imbibers and praised them for observing their culture.

“I am very happy because it shows people love their culture.  In my case, I also fall in trance whenever I play the traditional drums,” said Kapfupi.


Ha added:

“Whenever I play congas, I think I will be a different person and today (Sunday) I didn’t know what was happening until my band members told me that the ladies were in a trance after my act.”


One of his bouncers had a torrid time to clear the stage where the majority of revellers appeared ‘high’ after Kapfupi’s act.


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