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Long distance marriage fails

By Zvikomborero Parafini / Published on Friday, 06 Jul 2018 18:14 PM / No Comments / 5072 views

6 July 2018


. . . couple remarries after decades apart

. . . dejected ‘hubby’ comes from SA for fact finding

AN SA based man claims his UK based wife now has two husbands after marrying another man behind his back.

However, the ‘wife’s’ family claims he was the first to remarry and never properly married their child.

The wife, Danai Magidhi, 47, who left for the UK in 2002 had plans that her husband Rusten Marume and the children were to move in with her after securing citizenship which failed to materialise.

Magidhi and Marume married 25 years ago and when Danai moved to the UK, she resided with Marume’s relatives for a month before moving out.

Magidhi then got married to a Portuguese man behind her ex-husband’s back and returned to Zimbabwe two weeks ago to introduce the new husband to her parents who accepted another bride price.

Marume got an anonymous call informing him that his wife had returned to Zimbabwe and got on the next bus to Harare from South Africa.

Magidhi couldn’t comment referring all questions to her sister who is based in Zimbabwe.

The sister denied Marume’s allegations saying that he was the first to remarry when her sister left for the UK.

“He was the first to remarry and we are surprised that he is claiming that my mother married my sister off yet she was never married at all; he is just hurt that my sister married a foreigner and will never get back with him.

“He is also upset that my sister repossessed the house that he had fraudulently changed to his ownership so there is nothing binding them together anymore; he is just trying to tarnish my sister’s image” she said.

Marume’s version of events is somewhat different and he stylishly forgot to mention that he was the first to remarry – if his ex-wife’s sister’s allegations are true.

“I was surprised to learn that my wife had returned to Zimbabwe without telling me or one of the kids so I got on the next bus to Harare to confirm if it was true.

“The other thing that hurt me is that when she returned two weeks ago, she was with her new husband who then paid lobola to her mother yet there was no proper communication between my wife and I concerning the state of our marriage.

“I waited for her but I only got to know about everything through grapevine which is not acceptable from my wife of over 20 years,” said Marume.

Danai’s mother refused to respond to questions saying that she did not want to say anything about her daughter’s marriage.

“Ndini mai va Danai, koiye ari kuzviti ndiye murume chaiye chaiye womwana wangu anozviziva sei kuti ndiye chaiye chaiye, handidi kutaura nezve mwana wangu,” she said before hanging up.

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