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By Deputy Editor / Published on Tuesday, 12 Apr 2016 16:33 PM / No Comments / 584 views

22 March 2016
ALICK MACHESO released a new album that got on the streets recently.

While the fact that the Sungura ace had not released anything since 2012 makes this release special, there is an even bigger reason for Macheso and the music industry at large to celebrate.

Macheso fans are celebrating their artiste in the best way possible – by buying original copies of the album.

It is clever of Macheso – and any other artiste who does the same – to beat pirates at their own game by availing one’s album at the same price that pirates sell at, of US$1 per CD.

Honestly no person in their right mind would buy the fake version of the CD when they know that the original, which has better quality and a longer shelf life, is available at the same price.

However, that is half the job done.

Macheso and his team also need to flood the market with these original CDs so that the fans are never starved. If it means working day and night to sustain the market’s demands, so it should be done.

It is important for artistes to follow the example set by Macheso as the results can only be positive.

However, there should also be efforts to stop piracy and get rid of the people behind the scourge.

People who pirate music deserve to be thrown behind bars and severely punished by law but there are also other means to reduce piracy in the country.

With the way the world – and Zimbabwe is no exception – has advanced technologically, it is now easier for people to steal music without even realizing the gravity of their actions.

Today, someone could easily buy the original CD, rush home and rip it into their computer or laptop (just to ensure they do not lose out in the event that the real CD gets scratched).

Tomorrow, their neighbour will see them playing the album from the laptop and bring their flash stick and copy the tracks into the gadget.

The latter will play it in their car from the modulator and soon all the passengers they carry are bringing their memory cards to copy the music – and the circle continues.

The fans can stop this. If they truly love artistes, they should not be used as avenues to kill the very artistes they claim to love.

If you buy Macheso’s album, keep it to yourself and do not rip it for anyone because once you give it for free to one person, you have killed Macheso as an artiste.

So if you are going to listen to Macheso’s new album, please remember that is a man trying to butter his bread and what you do with his music can determine his fate.

If there is no profit in producing an album, Macheso will keep releasing an album after four years and continue doing live shows.

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