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Madzibaba granted bail

By Judith Nyuke / Published on Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 14:30 PM / No Comments / 982 views

10 January 2017


A Johane Masowe YeChishanu prophet, who was nabbed on allegations of planting live snakes and goblins in homes, has been granted US$100 bail.

Starlin Nhamo, 28, pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Shelly Zvenyika answering to three counts of fraud.

Nhamo will be back in court on February 1 for trial.

The State, represented by Daniel Muchimbiri, alleges that sometime in September last year, Davison Mugwambi went to Nhamo’s shrine for prayers.

Allegations are that Nhamo made a prophecy that there were evil spirits tormenting him from his rural home and that he could remove them using spiritual powers in him.

He asked Mugwambi to pay US$15 for transport to his house and he complied.

It was reported that during the night prior to meeting Mugwambi, Nhamo and Brain Muchecheti placed a strange thing at Mugwambi’s house unnoticed.

After they met Mugwambi, they told him they had come to make the prayer and Nhamo ordered him to cleanse the house while Nhamo was watching.

As Mugwambi was cleaning, he noticed a strange thing under his bed and Nhamo pretended to kill and burn it.

Nhamo told Mugwambi to pay him for what he had done.

Mugwambi bought an HTC smart phone worth US$100 for Nhamo, who further demanded US$243 which he said he will use to travel to different places for prayers and he was given the money.

It was reported that Mugwambi was told by Muchecheti that what Nhamo did was fake and he is the one who planted the goblin.

The amount prejudiced is US$600 and nothing was recovered.

On the second count, allegations are that sometime in September last year, Rafael Fermand went to Nhamo’s shrine and the prophet told him that he had evil spirits tormenting him.

Allegations are that Nhamo told him he could cleanse him and demanded US$200 for transport to Fermand’s home in Mozambique.

He told Fermand that he should not go with him because he would be attacked by the spirits.

Fermand visited the shrine again and Nhamo told him that the prayers were very difficult.

It was reported that Muchecheti told Fermand that all Nhamo was doing was fake.

The total prejudiced is US$250 and nothing was recovered.

On the third count, it is the State’s case in September last year, Alec Gaviro visited Nhamo’s shrine and was told there were evil spirits making his daughter mentally disturbed.

Allegations are that he told him that he could cleanse him from the evil spirits but he demanded US$326 for transport to Gaviro’s rural area in Masvingo.

Nhamo was given the money. However, Nhamo told him that he could not go with him because he would be attacked by the spirits.

The following day, Gaviro saw a strange thing that looked like a hand of a baboon and Nhamo came and burnt it.

Gaviro was told by Muchecheti that all that was done by Nhamo was fake as he was the one who planted the strange thing in his yard and that he did not go to Masvingo.

The total prejudice is US$326 and nothing was recovered.

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