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By Trust Khosa / Published on Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017 15:04 PM / No Comments / 1888 views

7 November 2017 . . .  wear biggest soccer boots . . . I’ve adopted many . . . I’m a victim of extortion

Prophet Walter Magaya

A SEA of people waiting to meet Prophet Walter Magaya greets us at one of his offices in Waterfalls. Hope is written all over their faces as they take turns to meet the man of God on busy Monday after the Night of Turnaround 6. Ushers meeting visitors are everywhere while his security team is busy vetting whoever wants to meet the man of the cloth.

As we wait for our turn to meet him, those entering his office remove shoes by the doorway after being granted permission by an usher manning the place.

Others go to the extent of kneeling as a sign of respect as they enter his trophy-laden office.


It’s indeed a special day for the prophet as he also celebrates his 34th birthday with members if his flock.

In the waiting room, a well decorated cake is on display.

When it is our turn to meet him along with photojournalist Arron Nyamayaro, we also follow the ‘ritual’ or is it practice.

“I last saw you in 2013 and where have you been hiding,” he says as he give us seats before our interview.


A well-known philanthropist he has become, prophet Magaya says he owes it to God for turning a year older.

In his birthday message to followers and nation at large, prophet Magaya thanks God for all the blessings in his life.

“I just want to thank God and pray that He continues to give me another opportunity to give back to the needy,” he says.

The charismatic preacher says his upbringing has made him to respect humanity.

“I was born alone and I just love people,” he says. “I have two children, 33 fully adopted children and thousands that I also help directly.

“In fact, I just love people and that’s why we are helping them.

“Right now we are helping 460 families (Doma people) and that’s why they are here.

“We are also helping them in a number of self-help projects like bee keeping, sanitary pads making, and sport.” •   


Despite his busy schedule, Prophet Magaya has a way to manage his businesses.

“I sign people whenever there is a movement as is the case will all my projects.

I can’t be everywhere as a result of my business schedule” •   


At 34 and still young, prophet Magaya says he has not been spared by haters.

He, however, says haters give him strength.

“Enemies will always make you stronger; when (enemies) they attack us, we get stronger.

“At times I’m being criticised by people I helped; some have been here before and this keeps us going. “I am also a victim of extortion as you have always read in the newspapers.

“At one point, it was difficult to handle con artist but we now use prayer to counter them.”


In the wake of false prophets fleecing unsuspecting congregants, prophet Magaya has special advice to would-be victims.

“We are not here to compete but I believe only those attending services by false prophets know them better.”


Despite all the wealth he has acquired, prophet Magaya is not fancied by cars.

“I can drive whatever car is there in the parking lot be it Mazda Demio or kombi, I don’t have a problem.

“As you can see, we have our own branded fleet of kombis and I can travel in them.

“It’s sad that it’s difficult moving around in public transport as fans usually mob me.”

•    DIET

As he approaches mid-30s, the preacher is also particular about his diet.

“I like sadza and Highfiridzi relish (beef and green vegetable) which happens to be my favourite.

“I can eat anything but this special relish remain my favourite.”


As an athlete who enjoys sport activities, the affable businessman is a fitness enthusiasts.

“I play soccer every day and this keeps me in shape.

“I train every day and that keeps me fit,” he says.


Unlike some public figures who deprive their families of quality time, the PHD founder respects his young family.

“I always make time for the family as has become the norm.

“I am always with them all the time, which shoes that I respect my family.

“Like I said earlier on, I do assign other people too do other tasks to ensure that I don’t give myself a lot of workload.”


With the prophet opening new branches across the globe, he says he now understands between 20- 30 international languages.

“We now have millions of followers in Africa and overseas.

“I now understands so many languages since I am well-travelled.

“We now have branches in the US, China and most parts of the world.

“I am now convinced that we have taken the gospel across nations as part of our mandate.


Prophet Magaya is also one preacher who has always given back to members of his flock and the general public with skills in life.

“I have interest in business through Planet Africa.

“I’m now one of the best farmers in the country and I have also interest in media, sport and construction which have empowered many people.

“As God continues to bless us each and every year, I hope to continue empowering people as you can see many people need our help.

“As it stands right now, we employ thousands which can be translated in thousands of households benefiting from what we are doing.

“We will continue doing our best and change people’s lives despite enemies who would always work against us as has become the norm.

•    SHOES

Many people have often wondered why prophet Magaya prefers wearing sandals or slopes on special occasions. He says it’s no ritual but just his taste.

“I feel comfortable in them (slopes) and I have always won them on some special occasions.

“As for my shoe size, I wear the biggest one – if it’s a formal shoe, it has to be 46 and for soccer boots, I wear size 47.

“It’s not a secret that I wear big shoes size as you can see right now,” jokes the prophet who is not even ashamed by his shoe size.

As he turns a year older, we wish the man of cloth a blessed 34th birthday.

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