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Magaya on Night of Turnaround

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Friday, 03 Nov 2017 17:33 PM / No Comments / 1731 views

3 November 2017

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya said the table is set for the sixth Night of Turnaround in Waterfalls today.

Prophet Magaya said visitors from the neighbouring countries started arriving yesterday urging local members to arrive early for the blessings.

“We have a problem with people who need prayers to get jobs and when they get employed arrive at workplaces late or start to compete with other workmates,” said Prophet Magaya.

“Dambudziko remumwe nemumwe rakasiyana nekudaro kunonoka kusvika paunofanira kuponera unorasikirwa nemaropafadzo ukazopedza mari uchimatevera aenda nevamwe.

“Time is important because many are poor because they failed to be on the place where they were needed on time and cry and seek divine intervention on simple things.

“I am urging local people to arrive much earlier to get the blessings in this prayer meeting because some have a tendency of checking if others are on the place.

“We come from different houses with different problems and opportunity to meet your blessings has been set do not cry after the Night of turnaround.

“The turnaround is for those who are seeking for their time of blessings and those being sought after by people who want to take their blessings.

“Do not compare your life with those enjoying in their comfort homes and workplaces, the day has been set and God want to meet his afflicted people and the day is today at Waterfalls where others are travelling from afar to receive their blessings,” said Prophet Magaya refusing to disclose if there are any artistes to entertain people.


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