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Magistrate rebukes pastor in court

By Gibson Nyikadzino / Published on Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 19:39 PM / No Comments / 2405 views

11 October 2017


HARARE magistrate, Eric Kadye, yesterday rebuked a local pastor who allegedly set dogs on a woman who wanted to testify against him in court on assault charges to desist being involved in ungodly issues.

Magistrate Kadye rebuked Isaac Masuka, a pastor with the Masuka Christian Church, in a matter the complainant Joyline Munduna made an application seeking the court to revoke Masuka’s bail conditions.

Ruled Kadye: “You are a pastor. How can pastors be visited by such allegations?

“If you are a pastor you should be the first to love God and people should get the right character from you. I am trying to knock sense and ideas in your head.

“If you did set your dogs on the complainant, be warned. Never interfere with witnesses and keep away from all this. Why should you be in dispute with a woman for that matter?”

Magistrate Kadye told the two parties to use relevant government ministries to have their land dispute resolved.

“This is just a piece of land. It is not like the bible case when the Israelites were involved in land issue when they dispossessed the Canaanites.

“This is a case that can be dealt with by the ministry and in this case God is not involved in the land issue of Zimbabwe. Be pretty warned.

“You should be crying to God to help your situation than involving yourself in these issues.

“The complainant in the matter said accused’s bail conditions should be revoked alleging interference. It is not clear where the interference took place. The two have a dispute over land they both claim ownership. The complainant wants the accused be sent to prison,” added Kadye.

The magistrate dismissed the application by the complainant.

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