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Mai Gunguwo blasts Chivayo

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 15:04 PM / No Comments / 3347 views

24 November 2016

Mai Gunguwo
Mai Gunguwo

ETERNAL Word Ministries International leader and marriage counsellor Dr. Lucia Gunguwo blasted Wicknell Chivayo over ‘marrying a foreigner’ saying it brings more problems to the nation and himself.

Wicknell yesterday refused to confirm whether he indeed married the Zulu girl he claimed to have married on social media saying he is busy.

Wicknell and the Zulu lady
Wicknell and the Zulu lady

“I will respond (to the questions sent to his WhatsApp) tomorrow, I’m busy,” said Wicknell. Asked to just state, with a yes or no, whether he married the Zulu girl, Wicknell insisted he was busy,

“I will respond tomorrow. I’m busy. Mukuda kunyora futi imwe story?”

Mai Gunguwo, however, was not too busy to speak on Wicknell’s decision to marry a foreigner – if he did marry her – and his post dissing Zimbabwean women.

“To start with, statistics show that women are more than men in this country and marrying a foreigner proves that he is failing to see that God gave us a wider garden to choose what suits you best,” said Mai Gunguwo.

“Zimbabwean men are sought after by women in every country you visit because they are responsible and powerful unless he feels himself less powerful and effective to dump himself to lazy women outside the country.

“He must not be swayed by having money because if that money disappears that lady will go with wealth and his children. Marrying foreigners is giving your power and children to other nations.

“Let him be patriotic, believe in what has been given to him by God in his home soil and know that outside his home are dogs waiting to eat his meat.

“Vakadzi vekunedzimwe nyika vanovhima nesauti muhomwe zvekufamba vasina mabhurukwa that has killed our children out there even those who are there by talent or on business.

“Let all men in foreign countries work and when they think of marrying return to Zimbabwe and marry and those with their families here return and enjoy with their families in Zimbabwe munobvamanzwa kunaka kweZimbabwe yose,” she said.

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