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Makandiwa has powers to “kill”

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Monday, 29 Aug 2016 14:20 PM / No Comments / 3033 views

29 August 2016

Prophet Makandiwa
Prophet Makandiwa

PROPHET Emmanuel Makandiwa has claimed that he has spiritual powers to kill.

Prophet Makandiwa said this during his preaching at Judgement Night 4 dubbed ‘sentence’ held at Mount Hampden last Friday claiming that Biblical prophets had the powers to kill and he has such powers as well.

He said this narrating challenges he underwent from his birth.

“Our Judgement Nights are all about spiritual warfare and today we are here to sentence all evil spirits tormenting nations so as to receive their blessings,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

“Biblical Prophets used to kill and I as well tell you that I have powers to kill those who try to disturb me in doing what God has anointed me to do.

“When criminals get their sentence they are kept in prisons to allow people to do their jobs peacefully and that is why we are here to ‘sentence’ all challenges affecting lives for people to enjoy their freedom.

“Africa has resources and foreigners eye them daily and when missionaries came here preaching they wanted to see us dead and go to heaven quickly so that they enjoy what God has given us.

“They colonised Africa, a blessed nation where everything started and if you read the Bible well you will discover that Jesus was taken to Africa, Egypt when Herod sought to kill him.

“Geography, Mathematics you can name it, all started in Africa and those seeking wealth outside Africa are missing it and I strongly believe that our own currency is best…

“Colonizers do not sleep and this time they are using food to kill people and this is affecting Africa as they receive donations that are up to reducing their life time.

“Arise and shine and change your mindset and be masters not employees, open companies in regional countries as well, believe that you can do it.

“I am here to sentence the devil that is failing you to achieve more, wake up join the fight and I promise you that we are winners.

“People perish due to lack of knowledge and our ancestors failed to discover natural resources in our Africa vachirasa ngoda, vachisvetuka goridhe.

“There are certain challenges dzinoda nharo saka ini nharo dzacho ndinadzo dzekurwisa kusvikira wabata zvakanzi naMwari uve nazvo.

“I will not leave people being tormented by evil spirits and fail to get wealthy here on earth; we must do away with poverty and change people’s minds that wealthy is for certain class of people,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

“It is so disturbing to note that we have people who confess every sin daily assuming that are the reasons failing them to get wealth.

“Vanhu vanoita zvakaipa zvikuru vane pfuma zhinji and those seeking God’s face must receive their blessing more.

“If you want to taste how God blesses his people take it from me your leader and I am blessed to see you prospering,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

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