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Man bars ex-wife

By Shamiso Misi / Published on Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018 15:53 PM / No Comments / 1103 views

30 January 2018

A Harare man has dragged his erstwhile wife to court accusing her of causing chaos at his residence.

Charles Matute approached Harare magistrates’ civil court to bar his ex-wife Fungai Mukucha from visiting his place of residence saying she is abusive.

“She has been coming to my house late at night demanding that she wants somewhere to sleep because the baby needs protection and because I do not have a wife at the moment,” Matute argued.

Mukucha, who was represented by a lawyer, denied the allegations and accused her former husband of chasing her away from their matrimonial home.

“I am shocked by his allegations, he wants to fix me since we were here three weeks ago claiming maintenance fees.

“He wants to hurt me since there are pending issues of property sharing,” she said.

Mukucha also claimed that her ‘husband’ had no right to deny her access into the home to get her clothes since he had not legally/formerly divorced her.

“He did not finish the customary marriage procedures and has not given me a divorce token, so I am still his wife,” she contested.

Matute denied the allegations saying he had moved from their home and she was in custody of their property.

“I was the one who moved out of the house where we were staying.

“One day when I decide to pass through, I discovered her loading our property in a lorry and I just managed to get hold of sofas, so how can she say I have denied her access to her clothes?” he said.

Mukucha alluded that his allegations were a way of trying to avoid paying maintenance fees.

“The accusations brought forward today suggest he does not want the responsibility of his children since he informed me that he wants to take them for paternity test,” she said.

Magistrate Nyasha Marufu deferred the matter to January 31.

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