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Man opts to go to prison

By Sandra Saungweme / Published on Monday, 13 Nov 2017 16:11 PM / No Comments / 1437 views

An Epworth man has dragged his tenant to the Harare Civil court over US$10 in rent arrears.

The tenant, however, claimed he will not pay the arrears because his landlord provided substandard services and told the presiding magistrate that he was ready to go to jail than pay the money.

Takudzwa Masimba, 33, made the revelations as he accused his tenant George Kambiri, 32, for refusing to pay him the balance of US$10 for October rentals.

Said Takudzwa:

“George was my tenant in October 2017 and I charged him US$10 per month.

“Surprisingly, he didn’t pay any money whereas he used water at my house.

“He refused to pay claiming that I provided substandard services. All I want is my money your worship. He could have moved if I provided substandard services.”

In response, George refuted all the allegations.

“I do not owe him any money. He is lying. I am not going to pay that money, he provided poor services at his home and there wasn’t electricity.

“Would rather be in jail than paying him his US$10,” said George.

Presiding magistrate Lazini Ncube ordered George to pay the US$10 on or before November 16.

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