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Man steals road block money

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Friday, 11 Nov 2016 15:09 PM / No Comments / 1996 views

11 November 2016


A CHITUNGWIZA man landed himself in trouble after he claimed ownership of US$1 500 which was picked by another motorist at a police road block along Harare-Kadoma road.

Simbarashe Madzvamuse was arrested when he approached the police at ZRP Saruwe demanding the money saying it was his.

Madzvamuse had only heard that police had found lost cash at the road block before he hatched a plan to possess the money.

He was arrested and taken to the Harare magistrates’ court charged with fraud.

The State had it that on May 2 this year Ishmael Ndoro of Glen View in Harare was stopped at a road block by police stationed at ZRP Saruwe.

Ndoro was travelling to Harare from Kadoma.

Reports are that Ndoro picked US$1 500 which was lying between the police’s road block drums and notified the law enforcement officers of the cash.

The money was then recorded in Found Property Book at ZRP Saruwe.

On the same day, Madzvamuse got wind about the money which was found at road block and hatched a plan to claim ownership of it.

Madzvamuse is said to have called the Officer Commanding Manyame District Chief Superintended Antonio.

He alleged told Chief Sup Antonio that he had lost his money at Selous and wanted assistance in recovering it.

Chief Sup Antonio is said to have referred Madzvamuse to ZRP Saruwe for assistance.

The Member-in-Charge at ZRP Saruwe was then instructed to take the money to ZRP Manyame District HQ in Norton where Madzvamuse was supposed to be interviewed before being given the money.

On May 4 the money was sent to Manyame District HQ.

Allegations are that Madzvamuse failed to account for the money and give a satisfactory explanation as to where he was coming from on the day he claimed to have lost the money.

Madzvamuse was believed to be in Chitungwiza on the day he claimed to have lost the money.

His actions raised police’s suspicion leading to his arrest.

Madzvamuse is expected to be back in court on December 12 when he will be furnished with a trial date.

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