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Man sues ex-wife over bills

By Fungiso Chawora / Published on Monday, 23 Oct 2017 17:36 PM / No Comments / 2170 views

23 October 2017


A CITY man says his ex-wife squandered money intended for water bills leaving him in great debt.

Noah Masuku opened up at Harare civil court that Progress Shingai was an irresponsible woman who had ruined his life and that of his new wife as they are now in debt.

Noah said:

“This woman here used to be my wife but I have since divorced her.

“Since 2014 she was receiving US$100 from the tenants and from that money she was supposed to remove US$20 to pay water bills.

“The remaining money was for food for her and our infant baby.

“All this time I thought she was paying the bills until recently when I discovered that I owe US$400 to the city council.

“She is careless and irresponsible because she should have been paying the water bills.

“Since we are no longer together and she has since moved out of my house, the burden of paying these bills falls on me alone.

“This has ruined my life and that of my new wife because we can’t do anything to start our new lives without paying this debt.”

In response Progress said:

“I was married to this man for 10 years and during that time the money from tenants was given to his mother or to him. I never received any money.

“His mother was the first one to discover that the water bills debt had immensely increased that is when she started paying US$20 to the council.

“The payments she was making did not make any difference because the debt had risen.

“I only received money from tenants for four months and in those months I paid the US$20 to the council.

“The tenants can verify that I never received money from them.

“If anyone is responsible for this debt it’s him and his mother.”

Presiding magistrate Sharon Tatenda Chipanga ordered Progress to bring the tenants as witnesses and ordered Noah to bring his mother.

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