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By Shelly Guni / Published on Monday, 08 Jan 2018 15:41 PM / No Comments / 925 views

8 January 2018

FORMER World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight champion, Charles Manyuchi, has called on authorities to work with retired champions to help take the sport to another level.

Manyuchi told H-Metro that he feels that the government is not also doing enough to make sure that heroes are recognised even when they are no longer active.

“It feels the association and the government is neglecting yesteryear champions on their boxing programmes.

“They are not remembering the legends, they are sidelined in their boxing programmes including awards. Their contribution to the local boxing scene could be helpful in the development of the sport,” he said.

He also talked about how the boxing body employs people outside boxing.

“You will find out that the managers or secretaries in the boxing body will be people who know nothing about boxing. Those positions can be given to the yesteryear boxers. Most of them have fallen from grace to grass.

“Most of the boxing legends are not even known, even if they walk in the streets, they will not be recognised.

“You will find out that in other countries boxers are recognised and they are given the same respect like any other heroes.

“I can talk of Alfonso Zvenyika popularly known as Mosquito who in Burkina Faso he is well known but back home it is another story.

“There are youngsters who look up to former champions. Seeing their heroes still being involved in the sport could encourage them to work even harder towards achieving their dreams.

“With all the limited resources and challenges, boxing in Zimbabwe remains the home of all its current and retired boxers.

“It is better to have things like legends funds that will enable them to get assistance,” said Manyuchi.

Manyuchi who recently launched the Charles Manyuchi Sports Academy said he is going to make himself available when he retires.

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