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Men fight over woman

By Noreen Raza / Published on Friday, 19 Jan 2018 15:56 PM / No Comments / 2489 views

19 January 2017

A MARRIED man says he is in trouble with his workmate’s husband who claims he is cheating with his wife.

The matter was brought to light at the Harare Civil Court where Kumbira Kadhuku was seeking for a peace order against Simon Mhizhonga.

Kumbira of Kuwadzana told the court that Simon was making his life miserable by constantly visiting his workplace demanding to know what kind of relationship existed between him and his wife.

“This man is my workmate’s husband who is now in the habit of stalking me at work and sending me messages because of his wife.

“My marriage is now on the brink of collapse because of this man who keeps making accusations that I am cheating with his wife who happens to be just a friend.

“My wife recently discovered that this man is claiming I am trying to take his wife from him because he is always coming to my workplace demanding to know the relationship between me and his wife.

“I am no longer living in peace because he is now causing havoc in my marriage and at my workplace coming to insult me,” said Kumbira.”

In response Simon disputed the allegations and stated that it was only a misunderstanding.

“It is only a misunderstanding and nothing serious because I caught WhatsApp messages between him and my wife on my wife’s phone.

“I then took the number and sent a WhatsApp message to him requiring of his relation with my wife because sometimes they communicate even at 12 midnight.

“When he did not respond to my messages, I went to his workplace so that we could discuss the matter as men but I could not find him and I left a message that I wanted to see him.

“The next time I visited I asked him what sought of a relationship existed between him and my wife and if he knew she was married.

“The conversation did not end well because we ended up insulting each other at his workplace but ever since then I never spoke to him neither on the phone nor face to face, I just refrained my wife from going to work,” said Simon.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the peace order in Kumbira’s favour.

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