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Mhere explains album

By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Wednesday, 04 Apr 2018 13:17 PM / No Comments / 1852 views

4 April 2018


TALENTED gospel musician Mathias Mhere says he strives to come up with songs with a message that people can relate to.

From his debut Tinoda Nyasha to the forthcoming Panogara Nyasha, the singer says the message should be relevant to the people who listen to the music.

He said Panogara Nyasha which will be his sixth will be released and launched on April 20 at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale and will be testimony to his word.

Songs on the album are the title track Panogara Nyasha, Munhu Kuvanhu, Sarafina, Porofita, Wadya Muchero, Emmanuel, Ma Tables and Mupendero.

“The gospel should be relevant to the people and this is what we strive to come up with each time a new album comes. People have to relate with the message for it to make sense and have an impact in their lives,” he said.

The singer has also sang about the popular ‘back to sender’ concept by today’s prophets in one of the songs MaTables.

“God has the power to change any situation and those who will be wishing you bad might find themselves in that situation. We are saying God can turn the tables,” he said.

“Wadya Muchero is an example of a song of things that people meet daily. In life there are people who fail to take responsibility of their actions and find something to blame as Adam did after the fruit incident, blaming Eve.

“Porofita is a song that has greater meaning showing the power of words. The bible is clear, there is power in your words and whatever you say may have greater meaning in your life. Words can be prophetic and what you wish for may come to pass if you say it in the name of the Lord,” he said.

The singer added, “Sarafina is a song that is taken from the Lot’s wife’s incident. The message is clear, remain focused on one thing and you will achieve it.”

Mhere’s debut album was titled Tinoda Nyasha and the third album was named Nguva Yenyasha and now Panogara Nyasha and the singer explains,

“We should always walk in the ways of the Lord for all his grace and we should not deviate from that. There is protection, prosperity, good health and that is the grace I’m singing about, ndidzo Nyasha dzacho usabva,” he said.

Panogara Nyasha has featured a number of artistes among them superstar Oliver Mtukudzi.

“We worked with Mdara Tuku, Kudzi Nyakudya, Bethen Pasinawako – Ngolomi and Olinda Marowa to make this project a success,” he said.


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