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By Mugove Chigada / Published on Friday, 16 Dec 2016 16:41 PM / No Comments / 815 views

16 December 2016


DYNAMOS club president Kenny Mubaiwa, now at the center of dispute between Zifa and PSL, has broken his silence.

He believes football must be the winner at the end of the day.

Mubaiwa is part of the PSL emergency committee that deals with disputes and chaired their last meeting.

In the past days he also officially received a letter from Zifa appointing him to be the interim chairperson of PSL following the suspension of Peter Dube, an appointment that the league has since rejected as the fall-out escalates.

That appointment has since compromised him.

The major dispute emanates from the fact that the assembly, to which PSL 16 governors are part of, changed a resolution that required the four champions from the regions to go for play-offs and come up with two winners for promotion.

Zifa has since ordered that two teams from PSL be relegated as agreed but four gain promotion automatically as demanded by the regions, a situation PSL rejected saying 18 teams complicates the league’s situation.

Yesterday Mubaiwa told H-Metro that he has now been forced to give his personal view on the situation.

“What I must make clear is that my view as of now does not represent the emergency committee’s view point and neither am I giving a directive representing the league.

“The reality as far as I’m concerned is that I have a good relationship with both Zifa and the PSL. At PSL I come in as the Dynamos president to represent the interest of the club. And what affects every club in the PSL also affects Dynamos,” said Mubaiwa.

“It is therefore fact that as Dynamos president, I represent the interests of the club as mandated by my bosses at the club and the common interests that we have with the other clubs.

“On the other hand, as I have said, I enjoy a good relationship with the Zifa, in particular the president Dr Philip Chiyangwa and I understand very well his approach to issues. So I know what can offend him and I know how to do dialogue with him. He is a man who wants results no matter what,” said Mubaiwa.

“It is very unfortunate that the two parties, Zifa and PSL, are now worlds apart despite having started on a good platform when Dr Chiyangwa was elected into office.

“You will remember that he (Chiyangwa) actually wanted Peter Dube to be one of his deputies and Kenny Ndebele as secretary general of a rebranded association which however did not materialise. That was positive energy from the Zifa president right from the start.

“I may not be best-placed to then explain what then happened, but what I know from my personal experiences is that whenever there is a dispute, both sides lose something.

“And in this case we are talking about parties that both represent football. Zifa are the bosses whether we like it or not. And PSL is the flagship league that also adds to Zifa’s image and development of the game. So at the end of the day when the dispute goes on and on, what suffers is football, whichever way you want to look at it.

“Normally when I deal with issues at other situations, I take a position. But here we are dealing with an issue that is not in black and white. It is complex according to me.

“I applaud Zifa for taking the first sacrifice of agreeing that only two teams are relegated. It would be painful for our fellow clubs in the PSL Chapungu and Tsholotsho to learn that they are relegated overnight.

“The challenge was now on PSL to sacrifice something, and Zifa wants the league to accept four teams automatically from the regions. The association accepted PSL’s plea not to have two teams relegated while at the same time respecting the popular vote from the assembly to have four teams promoted.

“In other words, Dr Chiyangwa and his team were in a tight corner. It will be unconstitutional on their part to ignore a majority vote in favour of us, the PSL 16 governors.

“Such a dispute then should never be allowed to generate into a fight of personal egos if we are to resolve it amicably.

“Instead of fighting, the association and the league should be concentrating on coming up with policy framework or reforms that ensures that such abrupt decisions by councillors are never taken in the future because this is a dangerous precedent.

“As someone from the PSL, I fully understand the implications of having 18 teams in the Premiership. There are constitutional issues, the issue of sponsorship and logistics in general to consider. It is also easy for the governors to feel that they are no longer in control of their own organisation, hence communication of this issue should be properly handled in manner that ensures Zifa does not feel undermined while PSL remain confident that their legal standing has been respected. Anything short of that will not give us the results we need.

“As an individual, I can never be able to give you the compromise that will be taken to make sure we do not lose sponsorship for the individual clubs and sponsorship for the league. What I can offer at the moment is my supporting role in trying to resolve the issue without necessarily looking at the individuals involved. But my support as a football person will be fruitless unless I get support from both the PSL governors and Dr Philip Chiyangwa,” Mubaiwa said.

The statement comes at a time when PSL have not changed their position on the issue that there is a dispute between them and the association to which they are an affiliate.

They have stated that they will not be officially relegating Border Strikers and Mutare City as yet until the dispute is resolved.

For that reason they are set to allow the dispute to go through the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland in anticipation of a favourable outcome.

Of late the league has not been giving its position on announcements by Zifa as the spokesperson for the emergency committee, Advocate Lewis Uriri, is also still suspended by Zifa, a situation that has created a real crisis in local football.

“As I have said, I will try to play a part but most of the issues can only be resolved indoors and not through the media. This is not such a good position to be in but I will have to play a part,” Mubaiwa said.

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