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Mugabe Jnr cheats?

By Zvikomborero Parafini / Published on Thursday, 09 Aug 2018 13:38 PM / No Comments / 2569 views

9 August 2018

Robert Mugabe Jnr and his South African model girlfriend Tshego Moloto may have broken up after he cheated on her.

Although it could not be established when Mugabe started dating his new girlfriend, the new relationship gave Moloto a huge heartbreak.

Moloto revealed her break up with Mugabe Jnr through a question and answer segment on her Instagram page where she revealed how she dealt with the breakup and what she knows about the new girlfriend.

One follower asked the former Miss SA regional finalist whether she was single or taken and she replied that she’s single prompting her followers to probe with questions concerning her relationship with Mugabe as they constantly publicly displayed affection.

Moloto said she had finally gotten over the heartbreak and was now ‘fully’ single.

“If a lady is going through a break up, girl cry, surround yourself with genuine positive energy, buy yourself a new book, get into the gym, keep your mind busy and most importantly God, speak to the highest power.

“But when you feel like breaking down and crying just cry, I promise you will be okay, I mean look at me now!” said Moloto hinting that she went through a torrid break up.

Moloto said she knows Mugabe Jnr’s new girlfriend describing her as a ‘very nice girl who is breathtakingly beautiful.’

“When you genuinely love an individual you respect their choices and give them space to live how they want.

“After a break up, an ex-partner is not responsible for your feelings, it’s really up to them to do what they want. I’m not an enemy of progress and I genuinely want to see him fully happy,” said Moloto.

However, Moloto seems to be still holding on to some hope of a reunion. Asked whether they will get back together or not, Moloto said “What is meant to be shall be, God is in full control.”

Moloto has since deleted her pictures with Robert Mugabe Jnr on her Instagram page.

Regardless of the break up, the 22-year-old model confirmed that she is still a model at XGX, Robert Mugabe Jnr’s label.

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