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By Rest Mutore / Published on Wednesday, 20 Dec 2017 16:49 PM / No Comments / 3095 views

20 December 2017

. . . ‘I was arrested twice at airport’

FORMER Dynamos and Warriors defender Elisha Muroiwa has opened up on his exit from Tanzanian club, Singida United, saying the club could not meet his expectations.

Muroiwa dismissed rumours that he was offloaded after poor performances, saying the club lacked professionalism and rather opted to return home early.

There were reports that the man who partnered Costa Nhamhoinesu for Warriors at centre back during the AFCON finals in Gabon early this year failed to impress in Tanzania.

Muroiwa spoke to Star FM’s Daily Sportszone on Monday and revealed why he chose to return home.

“It’s not about being offloaded, it was the conditions of the club and the way we were being treated and I decided that I have to restart myself at home.

“A lot of things were going on and we were just quiet trying to push but there are situations you see that you can’t keep on pushing and find somewhere else to move on with my career,” said Muroiwa.

He said he was embarrassed twice after he was arrested at airport on issues do with work permit.

“I didn’t have a work permit I remember I was arrested twice at the airport because of work permit issues,” said Muroiwa.

He described Singida United as an ambitious club, which lacks professionalism when it comes to welfare of its players.

“I think it is an ambitious club which lacks professionalism, maybe I can say the way they deal with issues is not professional.”

The tough defender recounted the time he was injured and had to fly back home for treatment after his club showed no interest.

“Also the issue of treatment, I remember one time I had to come back to Zimbabwe to get treatment because the club had failed.

“I think they were running out of finance. There was no doctor at the club and we had to find a doctor each time and we had different doctors who didn’t know exactly what the players were suffering from, so each time we changed doctors and it was affecting us,” narrated Muroiwa.

He said poor accommodation, which he described as ridiculous was among major issues that forced him out.

“In terms of accommodation it was another major issue that contributed. I have to talk to the executive so that they release me because what they promised is not what they gave me; it was ridiculous, living in an empty house.

“You know everyone morning you to have sweep some insects in the house, if you have issues with the management it was difficult to get in touch with the management and I ended up deciding to quit the club,” he said.

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