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Nabbed for sexual abuse

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016 17:06 PM / No Comments / 1011 views

21 December 2016

Tinashe Rufasha
Tinashe Rufasha

A 35-YEAR-OLD man is accused of taking his neighbour’s daughter to a lodge where he sexually assaulted her.

He had been entrusted to take her home from the city centre by her father.

Tinashe Rufasha, of Eastview in Harare, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court facing charges of fondling and inserting his fingers into the privates of his neighbour’s 20-year-old daughter.

Rufasha, who was being represented by lawyer Charles Chinyama, was not asked to plead to the aggravated indecent assault charges when he appeared before magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro.

He was remanded out of custody to January 11 next year for routine remand.

State counsel, Sebastian Mutizirwa, had it that on December 3 at around 4pm, Rufasha was asked by his neighbour to drive his daughter to their place of residence and he agreed.

The name of the neighbour had been withheld to protect the identity of his daughter.

Reports are that whilst they were on their way home, Rufasha diverted his route and drove to a lodge located in Hillside where he asked the 20-year-old to go and relieve herself.

The court heard that whilst the young lady was on her way to the toilet, Rufasha grabbed and dragged her into a room.

Accusations are that Rufasha started fondling the woman’s breasts before he inserted his fingers into her privates.

Irked by her neighbour’s actions, the 20-year-old is said to have shoved Rufasha away and stormed out of the room.

Prosecutor Mutizirwa added that after some minutes, Rufasha followed the woman and asked her to get into his car.

The court heard that Rufasha asked the woman not to reveal the ordeal to anyone.

But the following day, woman revealed the sexual attack to her father who took the matter to the police.

Rufasha was then arrested and taken to court charged with aggravated indecent assault.

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