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By Shelly Guni / Published on Monday, 12 Feb 2018 16:54 PM / No Comments / 1386 views

12 February 2018

PICKGLOW Trading are hoping that Rainbow Netball League will bring out the full potential of the game in Zimbabwe.

The company is expected to pour in US$250 000 per year as sponsorship for the new league which is setting up structures.

Managing director Aaron Chinhara told H-Metro that they believe that netball, if done properly, can be very popular and give them the mileage they want as an organization.

“Any cooperate that wants to sponsor any sport they go for soccer or cricket because of the market they have.

“I then thought of that type of sport that other corporates are shunning and noticed there was netball and it was dying or should I say is dying.

“Our netball is not even as popular as it is in South Africa or Malawi. For the brand of netball to be known, we thought of supporting the sport and the girl child since it is believed to be a girl child sport,” Chinhara said.

He added that netball required less resources.

“If we had enough resources we could have done soccer but soccer is too expensive to run.

“We used to have a soccer team but it became very expensive and we had to leave it not because we didn’t like it but we had little resources since we had just started operating.

“So instead of folding our hands we decided to give back to the community by way of forming a netball Club called Glow Petroleum.

“It’s on record that we also sponsored the national netball team,” he said.
Chinhara, a former teacher by profession, says his love for the sport started way back.

“When I was still in the midlands province, I was doing well in sports because I was an all rounder sports person. I was a committed sports person,” he said.

The sponsor values professionalism.

“We are saying that we are going to sponsor them for as long as the people that are going to run this league are going to do it in a professional, accountable and transparent manner.

“If they are going to do very well in as far as good governance is concerned, we are going to increase to US$500 000 per season up until 2022,” Chinhara said.

Chinhara said Rainbow Netball League is there to complement ZINA.

“Let me be clear, I don’t think there is something that is being started or being formulated here.

“ZINA is there as the mother body. The league that is being sponsored is a child to ZINA

“It’s an amateur league. It is going to affiliate to ZINA and ZINA’s constitution allows that to happen.

“The league wants to learn and this coming league is going to be professional.

“The netball players must not just do the game and go home without something that motivates them,” he said.

Asked why he did not give the sponsorship to ZINA, he said:

“As a sponsor I must donate to the framework that I want and in this case is this league. I have chosen to

give to this amateur league that is called Rainbow.“

When we donate to an amateur league we are also donating to ZINA because this amateur league is their baby.

“When I donate to an amateur league that is affiliated to ZINA, they must appreciate and when I do it very well and ZINA is impressed they should go to that league and ask them how they managed to secure such a sponsorship and do the same.

“However they must not be quick to forget that whatever we donated to them in the past they did not handle it in a good way,” Chinhara said.

He went on to share his long term vison.

“Zimbabwe should not become second to South Africa or Malawi in Africa. I want them to go and perform at an international arena.

“But we need to start from somewhere. Hence the need for an amateur league.

“We also want to boost netball for our national team, we are doing this for them,” he said.
Chinhara believes this move will attract other corporates.

“We are going to engage every stakeholder and we want the game of netball to be known all over.

“We want to go the Premier Soccer league way of airing our games but we might not start with all teams but here and there they will be live. This is how the players get to have exposure,” he said.

Chinhara said their efforts were targeted at developing the sport only.

“I am a businessman. I’m not a politician. If there is anyone with proof that I belong to which party should come forward.

“For me everything that I’m doing I’m doing it out of passion and cooperate responsibility.

“To my surprise the same association that is denying change has no office it actually never had. How do they operate?

“ZINA president, Leticia Chipandu should be happy that we are bringing wealth in her world. She will remain the president and we will always respect her for that.

“She must understand that we are not fighting her it’s all about to enrich netball,” he said.

There are allegations of some people having been threatened.

“I think she must allow netball players and the people involved to be able to make free choices. This is a new Zimbabwe and this league is going to take place and no one can stop it,” Chinhara said.

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