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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017 14:39 PM / No Comments / 7983 views

3 January 2017


AN indentified man was given a thrashing by three hookers after he failed to pay for sex services rendered on New Year’s Day in the Avenues area.

The unidentified man’s third attempt to ‘play now and pay later’ hit a brick wall after he was spotted by one of the hookers she refused to pay after having oral sex with him on Boxing Day.


On the fateful day, he was assaulted at Gal Court – located at corner Eighth Street and Samora Machel Avenue – as fellow hookers took turns to insult him, recording video clips throwing a used condom on his face threatening him with unspecified action if he was to delete the recorded video footage.


“We are here for business not to teach or train you how to have sex with women, wakajaidzwa nhasi wairasa, bhuratishiti,” one of the hookers was heard shouting as they assaulted him.

The man refused to identify himself saying he is employed to a uniformed force and it would jeopardize his job.


“Ndiripama1 wangu, ndanga ndisati ndaita anything so I cannot pay for nothing, that other lady quickly disturbed me demanding extra money for services rendered some time back,” he said refusing to identify himself.

“Ndinoshandira kumaunifromed service so I cannot disclose myself, if you may spare me please, and delete the photographs.

“They assaulted me and called you to expose me when I did not have sex with her,” he said begging H-Metro not to publish the story.


One of the self-confessed hookers, only identified as Tatenda, told H-Metro that the man refused to pay her after sex and her colleague woke up and discovered that he was the same person who duped her on Boxing Day.

“This man hooked me along Samora Machel Avenue and we agreed US$5 for a short time and upon asking for my money after we undressed, he promised to pay after sex,” said Tatenda showing a used condom.


“I agreed unaware that he is a liar and my roommate recognised his voice since we are divided by a curtain and informed me that he did it to her on Boxing Day.

“He assaulted me after I took his clothes refusing to let him to leave the room and my friends joined me in trying to get paid.

“We do not extort clients at this flat but such kind of clients who come here without money for training are not welcome, we are here for money to keep our kids going,” she said.


Meanwhile, H-Metro witnessed police officers beating up ladies of the night waiting to hook men for sex.

Asked why they were beaten, one of the hookers told H-Metro that for the past three days police have been moving around beating them in search of their handcuffs.

“Tanzwa nekurohwa nemapurisa nekuda kwa Mellisa akatiza nemacuffs avo asungirwa extortion yeumwe wavo,” said one of the hookers.

No arrests have been made.

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