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By Deputy Editor / Published on Thursday, 26 May 2016 16:41 PM / No Comments / 713 views

SO a Girls High student has been killed by an errant commuter omnibus driver who just decided – like most of his colleagues do day in day out – to drive in the wrong direction in a one way lane.

Many such accidents have been blamed on the police and or municipal police yet the real culprits are the commuter omnibus drivers and touts who go around breaking all the road and city laws they should abide by.

Now a child’s life has been lost. Not just another child, she was bright, top of her class and had a bright future ahead of her.

But more than that, this girl was someone’s daughter, loved unconditionally by her parents and family and they have been robbed of her presence by some reckless-don’t-give-a-damn driver that has no respect for human life.

Many still remember the story of a similar accident which claimed a three-year-old boy’s life and sparked debate about the war between the police and kombi drivers.

After the boy’s death, most of the talk was about the police and their love for money and rowdy behavior. The driver of the vehicle was almost absolved of any blame – if the concerns from citizens in the media and on social networks were anything to go by.

But the truth is kombi drivers want to be lawless because they believe they can get away with anything. Kombi drivers must value human life more than the fines they are made to pay by the police.

Public vehicle drivers are expected to have at least class 2 licences in Zimbabwe PLUS defensive driving abilities.

Such is the importance the government has placed on human lives on the road but people still deliberately break these laws by driving without licences or running over people.

The licenced commuter omnibus drivers are no better as they too are usually found on the wrong side of the law.

They now have their own road laws that give right of way to Kombis in every situation Zimbabwean drivers face.

They park at no parking zones, disregard speed limits, overload, do not pay licences or have permits – they break every law known to the Zimbabwean road, all because they are “kombi drivers”.

Some are even daring enough to travel the wrong way in one-way roads, especially when fleeing the police while others have even kidnapped police officers trying to arrest them.

They must take all of the blame when their actions have tragic consequences like what happened with the Girls High student.

May the responsible authorities also respond to the pleas from Girls High and Queen Elizabeth students – to remove permanently the hordes of commuter omnibus operators and touts that hound students on their way to and from school every weekday.

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