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By Praise Masvosva / Published on Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017 16:42 PM / No Comments / 9612 views

25 October 2017

. . . sex with dead body

THE LATE sister Plaxedes Kamundiya with her monther

A Roman Catholic Sister was murdered whilst praying in Mutoko last Sunday.

Sister Plaxedes Kamundiya, 49, is said to have gone to Mutoko on October 22 to prepare for a tour with St George’s mass savers students scheduled for October 27.

It is alleged that she was stoned to death by Enock Potani whilst she had gone to a secluded place for prayers.

THE ACCUSED holds one of sister Plaxedes’ clothing items he was found in possession of

Mashonaland East acting provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the case.

“I can confirm the incident where a woman was murdered and the criminal has been arrested.”

He is set to appear in court soon for contravening section 47 of the codification and reform act chapter 09; 2 ‘murder’.

According to a close source the murder occurred on October 22 in the morning.

“On October 22, around 10.30am the now deceased sister Plaxedes arrived at Mother of Peace Community in Mutoko where she had constructive talks with Sister Juliet Haurovi who is in charge of Stores and House Hospitality for Mother of Peace.

“She indicated that she was preparing for the tour the following weekend where she would bring donations to the orphans.

“She was enquiring about the clearance procedures to visit as a social Welfare.

“The two conversed for a long time and spent half an hour singing songs which uplift the spirit.”

Added the source:

“Through the conversation Sister Kamundiya learnt that there is a nice place known as Blue Cross, the glorious cross of life, which is conducive for prayers and she got interested.

“She was escorted by Sister Juliet to the gate and then went alone to the place which is about 80 metres away.

“Before leaving she had told Sister Juliet that she was not going to spend more than an hour praying.”

The source told H-Metro that Sister Juliet went back to her place and rested but when it was around 4.30 pm she made an enquiry about Sister Kamundiya’s whereabouts.

“Sister Plaxedes had promised to go back to Harare but she had spent more time at the praying ground.

“Two boys were instructed to go and look for the now deceased but they could not find her.

“They met the accused and he confirmed that he had seen her going to Mushimbo (another place).

“More people were deployed to look for her but to no avail. They continued searching the following day (Monday) before they saw her body floating in Mutemwa dam.”

A report was made to ZRP Mutoko who rushed to the scene.

ZRP in conjunction with the CIDs attended the scene where sister Plaxedes was allegedly murdered.

At the scene the accused confirmed that he had committed the crime and he was arrested assisting the police with investigations.

The body of the deceased was then taken to Murewa mortuary for post-mortem.

Another source also told this publication that the accused was caught in possession of the deceased’s clothes.

“Enock led the police and the CIDs to the place he had committed the crime.

“He also told the police that he had used a big stone to kill her.

“She had bruises on her legs (thighs) and her face was swollen indicating that she was murdered.”

Some reports also state that he raped her before killing her.

“It is understood that he raped her and then killed her.

“He also raped the dead body before throwing it into the dam.

“He initially wanted to burn the body to ashes to remove the evidence.

“It is understood that he also had sex with the dead body,” said the source.

Meanwhile Assistant Inspector Mwanza has appealed to members of the public to avoid worshiping on their own in secluded places where criminals can pounce on them.

“It’s a pity that the Catholic sister lost her life while consecrating her life to the Lord.

“As ZRP we urge members of the public to avoid worshiping in secluded areas and criminals should value people’s lives.

“We will continue to make sure criminals are brought to book,” he said.

The late sister Plaxedes is well known for composing catholic songs and she has left a void which will be difficult to fill.

Catholics plunged into mourning again, a week after they gathered in Gweru diocese to mourn the death of Bishop Xavier Munyogani.


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