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NUST students protest

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017 17:07 PM / No Comments / 2372 views

21 November 2017


FOLLOWING the country’s Zimbabwe Defence Forces intervention to bring the country to normalcy, National University of Science and Technology students have requested stoppage of examinations at the higher learning institution until President Mugabe resigns.

In a statement yesterday, the students’ body said;

“We the undersigned students of NUST state that:

“Owing to the uncertainty of events in our country and the attendant euphoria, anxiety and anticipation of the yet unknown, (we) suggest that the admin halt/postpone the exams indefinitely/till Mugabe resigns and till there is a clear way forward for the country.

“We live in an era of uncertainty and our mental energy as academics is seized by the moment.

“Concentration on studies in preparation for exams is difficult hence for the good of our education and careers, we request that we be given the full opportunity to pause and be reflecting on the national discourse.

“We suggest that the exam session would be slotted back after the political whirlwind settles.

“This is in the spirit of national unity and cohesion towards the one dream; the Zimbabwean dream.

“This would also avoid unnecessary academic casualties in the form of unnecessary failure as we are all seized by the events of the moment.”

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