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Nyazika’s Ndanaka a force to reckon

By Tariro Zinyemba / Published on Friday, 12 May 2017 16:43 PM / No Comments / 2050 views

12 May2017

Entrepreneur Carol Nyazika said she is looking forward to expanding her team in order to meet demands for her Ndanaka beauty range of products.

Ndanaka was specifically made to deal with African queen’s dry skin in the most natural way using products that are ethically sourced in Zimbabwe and surrounding African countries.

“I’ve always been interested in skincare and self-care so I started a blog in 2012 and it developed into aYouTube channel.

“The demand for knowledge grew so I attended cosmetology school in the UK where I learnt how to formulate products because I wanted to make sure I was telling people the correct information.

“With Ndanaka we carefully select botanical oils, local kinds of butters, and herbs to cleanse, moisturize, hydrate, repair, exfoliate, and luxuriate your beautiful skin and/or hair,” Nyazika told H-Metro.

The brand is still to do an official launch but has been on the Market since January 28 and the founder of Ndanaka said that response has been positive from the beginning due to anticipation.

Carol has been uploading videos of herself using her range which has increased most customers’ faith in the beauty and hair products.

Ndanaka has received praise from its social media following.

“I must say this is the best body butter I have ever used. Zimbabwean product and I’m proud of it! I finally found the best natural butter and I’m definitely addicted.”

“This body butter is by far the best moisturizer for my skin, you can’t go wrong.”

“I have finally bout my face oil and people are already asking what I am using for my face because it’s glowing!! Only 2-3 drops with each use is working miracles for my sensitive skin and I absolutely love how soft my skin feels,” read some of the reviews.

Ndanaka range consists of Body butter Hair Butter Face wash Face oil for women Face oil for men and Facial Detox Mask.

Carol’s passion project is expected to end many Zimbabwean women’s bad hair days and dry skin dilemmas.

The product introduction is said to have led to the conversion of part of Nyazika’s house into a lab in an effort to cut costs.

“I formulate everything myself, we renovated part of the house and turned it into a lab to cut on start-up costs considering we were starting on a shoe string budget at low scale.

“The demand has been high from the first day we launched and we’ve been forced to grow faster than anticipated so we are now looking at expanding the team to meet demand.

“We have a large amount of people with dry skin in Zimbabwe who are forced to mix 2-3 products to get the deep, long-lasting moisture their skin yearns for but with our body butters, the hydration and moisture lasts all day and you only need our one product,” Nyazika said.

Carol Nyazika’s Ndanaka is eyeing to become a household name that meets all the demands of Zimbabwean women putting their needs at the forefront and prioritizing quality over quantity.

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