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OK competition winner duped

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Monday, 09 Jan 2017 18:24 PM / No Comments / 1223 views

9 January 2017


THE 2015 Bon Marche Live It Up Fiesta competition winner was duped of the US$10 000 she won in a botched residential stand deal by a suspected con-artist who passed himself as an estate agent.

Sarah Mapfumo reportedly lost all the money to Charles Hamadziripi, who allegedly gave her fake Title Deeds to the stand that she intended to buy with the money she had won.

This emerged at the Harare magistrates’ court where Hamadziripi appeared facing fraud charges. Hamadziripi denied the charges when he appeared before magistrate Barbra Chimboza.

However, Sarah’s workmate Stanely Nyanhewe told the court that Hamadziripi duped the Bon Marche Live It Up Fiesta winner.

“I recall sometime in December 2015 my workmate Sarah Mapfumo won US$10 000 at Ok Zimbabwe Promotions.

“She then told me that she intended to use the money to buy a residential stand.

“We then checked for a stand in the newspapers and later found a stand in Dawn View Tynwald Harare.

“She then contacted the person who had contacts supplied on the advert.

“Sarah then contacted the person who claimed to be selling the stand and they negotiated for the price and agreed that she was going to pay US$11 300 of which US$1 500 was going to be paid in cash and US$10 000 to be transferred from OK Zimbabwe.

“When we got to town that is when we met the accused person who told us that he was representing his uncle Givemore Chifamba and his wife Marble Chifamba.

“He identified himself as Tendai Makoni.

“He told us that the stand was being sold for US$13 000 but agreed as agreed it was going for US$11 500.

“He told us that the original title deed which will be handed over after the initial payment of US$1 500 as deposit,” he said in his statement.

The State led by Dora Moyo alleges that on December 17 2015 Sarah came across an advert in the newspaper in which a stand in Tynwald was being sold for US$16 000.

She then contacted the person who was selling the stand who said he was named Givemore Chifamba.

One Givemore Chifamba also claimed to be the owner the owner of the stand, according to the State.

On the following day, Sarah met Hamadziripi who also identified himself as Tendai Makoni-an Estate Agent.

He also reportedly told Sarah that he was Givemore Chifamba’s nephew before showing her the manufactured title deeds.

Reports are that they proceeded to Tynwald where Hamadziripi showed Sarah the said stand after settling for US$11 900 as purchase price.

On December 21 of the same year, Sarah met Hamadziripi who was in the company of his accomplices who identified themselves as Givemore Chifamba and Marble Chifamba-the owners of the stand.

They then signed an agreement of sale which was alleged to have been prepared by Chifamba and his wife.

They reportedly agreed that a deposit of US$10 000 would be paid and the remainder was to be settled in installments.

A bank transfer of US$10 000 was then made into Hamadziripi’s account which was allegedly opened using Givemore Chifamba’s name.

Hamadziripi is also alleged to have handed Sarah a fake Title Deeds after being handed proof of payment.

On February 2 last year, Sarah called Hamadziripi with intentions to pay her monthly instalment but failed to get through since his number was no longer in use, a court heard.

All efforts to contact him were said to have yielded nothing which raised Sarah’s suspicion. She they reportedly went to the Registrar of Deeds to verify the authenticity of the papers she was in possession of.

The court heard that she discovered that they were fake before she took the matter to the police. Hamadziripi was arrested on October 12 last year after Sarah spotted him strolling in Harare’s CBD.

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