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Pabloz manager on theft

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017 14:27 PM / No Comments / 1128 views

11 January 2017

Skinner (C)
Skinner (C)

HARARE’S up-market joint Pabloz Club and VIP’s manager has appeared in court on accusations of conning a patron of her smart phone worth US$1 000.

Jameson Rongerai Skinner was hauled to the Harare magistrates’ court charged with theft of trust property.

He is standing accused of duping Dorothy Masawi of her iPhone 6.

Through his defense lawyer, Skinner denied the charges when he appeared before magistrate Tildah Mazhande who remanded her out of custody to today for trial continuation.

He told the court that Dorothy was intoxicated on the night in question.

“On the 23rd of December 2016, the complainant and her daughter were referred to him as they needed assistance in confirming a table reservation.

“In addition, some of the people the complainant and her daughter were with had been denied entry into the club as they looked younger that the minimum age restriction of the club.

“To verify the reservations, the accused asked the complainant who she had spoken to when making the reservation.

“The complainant, who was at that time slowly showing signs that she had been consuming alcohol, took out her cell phone so that she could show the accused the number she had called to make the reservation.

“While this was taking place, the accused called his assistant manager Letwin to also assist with verifying the reservation.

“Due to her intoxicated state, the accused advised the complainant to lean against the bar for support while they both held the cell phone scrolling the call register to find the number.

“The first phone that was brought out by the complainant however, did not have a number for any of the Pabloz personnel.

“The complainant then took the cell phone and brought out another one which they also proceeded to check together in the same manner,” he said.

Skinner said that after verifying he then called his assistant manager Letwin to assist Dorothy and the people she had to locate for them to facilitate entrance of those who had been denied entry.

He told the court that he was surprised to see Dorothy returning to him after 30 to 45 minutes later demanding the said cell phone.

Dorothy insisted that she gave Skinner her cellphone and he never returned it.

“We arrived at Pabloz just after midnight and I was in the company of my daughter and another person who were denied entry into the club.

“I spoke to the security who wanted to see the IDs which we did not have at that time. They were saying my daughter and the other person were too young to enter the club despite being aged 24 and 32.

“He was then called and he came from the office and assisted us.

“I then left with intention to get the rest of my crew into the club.

“My daughter then asked for the phone and that was when I discovered that I didn’t have it.

“I then went to ask him about the phone and he was so dismissive saying he had given it back to me.

“I told him that I was not going to waste time talking to him but I was going to report the matter to the police.

“It was when he pretended to help me and said the phone was switched off.

“I then went to report the matter at Borrowdale police station,” she said.

Dorothy also said that she was not intoxicated on the night in question saying she had come straight from home and had not taken any alcohol.

The 41-year-old social worker told the court that she was disappointed by Skinner’s conduct considering his position at the popular joint.

“I was not intoxicated on that night. We can even ask the taxi driver who drove us to the place.

“I had not taken any alcohol.

“I was disappointed by him since what he did was unethical for a person in his position to behave like that,” she said.

Skinner is expected to be back in court today for trial continuation with Dorothy’s daughter Chidochashe expected to testify.

Moleen Murozvi represented the State.

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