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Pastor Chris on second visit

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Tuesday, 09 May 2017 17:34 PM / No Comments / 2268 views

9 May 2017

. . . stadium not filled to capacity

Pastor Chris

Christ Embassy leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has said that he will be visiting Zimbabwe again to share the word of God with members of his church.

Pastor Chris said this to congregants who gathered at the National Sports Stadium for his Global Worship and Communion Service on Sunday.

Empty bays

“First I would like to thank you, I’m glad to be in Zimbabwe as you know this is my first time in Zimbabwe.

“What’s the title of this programme; Worship and Communion Service, so that’s what I came to do, I came here to worship with you then I will come again.

“When I come next time, I will take time to share the word of God.

“We are here for worship time and communion today and also I have a mandate to join you in prayer for your country,” said Pastor Chris.

Pastor Chris came on stage around 6:30pm after there had been some praise, worship and other speakers from the church had given their word.

Message for Zimbabwe
“The reason I’m here is because something special is about to happen in your country.

“Your nation is about to witness a new beginning, the Lord sent me for that purpose.

“You know I would like you to understand that you have got a lot you should be grateful for in Zimbabwe, you have a lot to be thankful for.

“Your nation is probably one of the most if not the most educated societies.

“Don’t be afraid; you may need to understand that in spite of the difficult times that you have had as a nation, Zimbabwe remains a jewel of Africa.

“The quality of a nation is in its people; that is very important.

“This country is a young democracy; it needs time to mature as all other African countries that are young democracies need time to mature.

“Your patience will be rewarded, many in African countries are taught to destroy their countries for any reason, they go to violent protests and so forth.

“No one likes to listen to another, what’s important is that us, as an educated society, you deal with your differences in a highly cultivated manner as you have done.

“I know that sometimes there are those who want to push you beyond the limits, don’t listen to them, be patient, be peaceful; it’s good to listen to the other side.

“If someone disagrees with you, listen, he might have something nice to say, don’t insist that your own way must be the only way.

“Other African countries for your own information admire you, you know we minister around the world and we come in contact with so many.

“Don’t think that when others feel like they are sorry for you and think that they are advising you, they don’t know the whole truth about Zimbabwe. Your wealth is in you, your pride as a nation is in you, don’t lose it and hit it up.

“Young people I tell you something, be proud of Zimbabwe. Because you have it inside you; you can rebuild your country.

“You know a nation like yours with a history that it has can be punished for talking too much because you know, you have come a long way, you have experienced so much, you have seen so much, you have a right to speak as a nation and one day those who are punishing you will punish you no more.

“You know I was a very young guy reading about Zimbabwe and its history and so today for many it looks like things are going the way they expected things to go.

“What it just means is that you have to change direction, change strategy and that’s what your leaders are working at, they will change strategy, they will achieve the goal.

“You are going somewhere, you are making progress, you will overcome the difficult times.

As he was giving his word, Pastor Chris said all those who had come expecting healing were going to be healed.

He spoke of some people who were in the crowd saying they had been afflicted for so many years but that night was going to be their night as they were going to be healed.

And after his word, some people came to the front, claiming they had been healed.

One man said he had no hope of walking after a horrific accident but said after the word he had been healed.

Other testimonies of healing were also heard from one boy who was said to be deaf and was now able to hear and another congregant said he was due for surgery yesterday but received his healing during that service.


empty chairs at the overflow

While the general expectation and even the church’s expectation was to fill the giant National Sports Stadium even with an overflow but some bays were visibly empty such that some leaders of the church could be seen directing ushers so that some people move to fill up the empty spaces.

The anticipated overflow outside the stadium could also not be filled, as no one sat on the many chairs that had been arranged there.

General overview
The much anticipated Global Worship and Communion Service lived up to its billing as it the event went ahead without any glitches. The sound and lighting quality was superb.

However, it was unfortunate that journalists were subjected to unnecessary harassment by overzealous church security personnel. Photographers were being barred from taking certain pictures and at one time, the H-Metro crew was manhandled which was quite shocking for a church gathering.

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