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Pastors denounce violence

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016 15:35 PM / No Comments / 1542 views

30 August 2016
…devil’s best weapon to destruction

Apostle Quintine
Apostle Quintine

VIOLENCE is not a weapon for solution but people should just forward all their challenges to God.

This was said by Apostle Quintine Simbarashe Gwashawanhu who is part of the pastors leading the #My Zimbabwe Prayer Campaign.

“Last few days we saw violence, wanton destruction of private property, looting and hooliganism to such a level that is sad.

“Zimbabwe is a peaceful nation and have citizens who are peace loving. “It is sad for us as a nation to see these ungodly acts being done.

“We as the church call for peace, unity, calmness and totally condemn all forms of violence that will bring destruction of property, affect business and livelihoods of many people.

“We call for Zimbabwe to go back to God. The Bible says righteousness uplifts a nation, but sin is a reproach to all people”. “Anytime there is an act of violence, terrific ungodly damages are certain.

“The usual result turns out to be bloodshed, injuries that cause many to be impotent/disabled, talk less of infrastructure damage and vandalism which definitely affects the businesses, leaving many jobless.

“Violence is the Devil’s best weapon of mass destruction when he chooses to destroy a family much more a Nation, yet unity and peace are God’s own weapons when He chooses to bless and build a family much more a Nation.

“The ways of the Devil leads to death and great loss whereas God’s own ways leads to life and great preservation.

“It then remains our humble call to the beautiful respectful people and citizens of Zimbabwe to hold fast on God over all the matters that concerns Our Nation.

“God owns Zimbabwe, He Created it and the people therein, and so the hope of the people should be on God, the one who is able at all times to redeem Nations from all Challenges,” said Apostle Quintine.

He went on to add that solutions for the current challenges can only come if people look up to God.

“There is no one man on Earth who can assure a nation of solutions if God be not with that man, and so it turns out to be unwise to trust and call on man for rescue when we could easily call on God who even by no means of a man can use any object to bring restoration to the Nation and land of Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe in its position needs God seekers not Gold seekers, our nation needs heroes in the prayer field not battlefield, some have done that part.

“War in this age will not redeem our nation from its challenges, only prayer will do us a great work of trapping the attention of God towards our Land and he will surely bring us healing and a great recovery of the lost treasures and international integrity.

“It is such knowledge of what God does when we call him that brought about the birthing of the MyZimbabwePrayer organisation which has its mandate and agenda of bringing all Zimbabwean people together in prayer for the treasured Nation Zimbabwe.

“This alone is what will surely bring us the long searched for: healing and restoration of all that matters in our country.

“Standing rightfully with God, with pure God fearing hearts and a humble spirit in prayer is the key to attracting God’s eye and hand of favour and redemption.

“It is our plea to Church leaders, from across the board, that we forbid not the ancient directives of God on how we as the Church ought to lead God’s people with Godly ethics and doctrine, never compromising the truthful Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ for any earthly gains(Gold will Varnish , but the truth will remain).

“It is our plea that man and women in national leadership zealously seek for God to always be equipped with wisdom to Govern, and Grace to lead and carry people on their shoulders. Leaders are ordained by God and are sustained by his Grace.

“The Nation needs God’s hand of mercy, a Godly counsel and direction, and the church needs to play an outstanding role in pioneering spiritual ceremonies: Prayers, Fastings and Heartfelt worship sessions seeking God’s intervention in our Zimbabwe, promoting order, peace and unity in the Land of Zimbabwe.

“We appeal to the Zimbabwean people to seek God’s face in prayer and shun away from the ungodly ethics of Violence.

“Violence breaks a nation and its people, whereas prayer Shapes and builds a nation and its wonderful people,” added Apostle Quintine.

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