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By Fiona Ruzha / Published on Thursday, 20 Oct 2016 16:24 PM / No Comments / 4789 views

20 October 2016


TWO foreign pastors at Holy Fire Ministry have been arrested for flouting immigration laws and duping congregants of their cash.

Pastors Paul William along with his Ugandan counterpart Pastor Josephs operated in Waterfalls where they allegedly fleeced unsuspecting congregants.

They are expected to appear in court today.

An impeccable source last night told H-Metro the duo has been using fake passports.


“These pastors have been charging one on one session for US$20.

“Failure to pay the marked price, one would not be attended to,” said the source.

“These sessions would start around 10am in the morning and pastor Williams would preach while Joseph prays for people.

“They have been doing that for quite some time and their money.

“Their church realises nearly US$10 000 every week which they send back to Uganda.”


The source also accused the two pastors of wrecking congregants’ marriages by asking for sexual favours.

“These pastors were using pseudonyms, since Pastor Paul William’s real name is David Mubiru while Joseph is Shafik Sekandi.

“Pastor William had a fake passport that showed he arrived in Zimbabwe on the 11th of this month yet there are rumours that he was at Florida Community Hall in Mutare mid September for healing and prophetic deliverance.

“They have destroyed people’s marriages claiming to be mightily used by God while they sexually abuse women who come for ‘deliverance’.

“Pastor William spends most of his time drinking beer as a way to entertain himself.

“Last week, he was hauled to Waterfalls Police Station for physically abusing his wife Alice”.

When H-Metro arrived at their place of worship, all congregants had already left, presumably after being given a tipoff.

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