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By Adoration Bizure / Published on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 16:22 PM / No Comments / 2327 views

24 November 2016


. . .  as two claim unborn child

Claudius Chimuti
Claudius Chimuti

Two men are fighting for fertilizing a Marondera woman who is now pregnant.

Claudius Chimuti said he is convinced he is father of the yet unborn baby to his former wife Netsai Makamure who is now married to Richmond Chikoore.

Chikoore on the other hand claims to be behind the pregnancy.


Claudius said he is basing his argument on the fact that when he parted ways with Netsai when she was already pregnant.

“Even though she is no longer my wife I cannot betray my own blood. I am the father of the baby she is carrying.

“Before she left, she was carrying my child but she was hiding it from me, though I knew she was I never bothered to talk to her about it because of the challenges we were going through.

“Her claims that Richard is the father of the pregnancy are only meant to fix me as well as to try and balance things with her new husband.

“I will not stand and watch while I am being abused in that way and my child’s identity being distorted like that,” said Claudius.

He added that he was prepared to take the legal route if Netsai insisted that he was not the father.

“If the pregnancy was not mine why would I intentionally burden myself?

“Netsai is aware that I am the father of the child and if she insists that I am not the father, I am willing for us to go for paternity tests.

“If she maintains her position then I have no choice than to go to the court and sue her,” he said.

When asked to comment over the matter, Richmond said he was confident that the baby that Netsai was carrying was his.

“This man you are referring with has got some issues with me of trying to unsettle my happiness.

“I am the one who has been staying with the woman so why would he then say that he is the father.

“I doubt his fertility because when he had his first two kids with my wife they spent eight years without a child but as for me and Netsai it didn’t take us month for her to be pregnant.

“I chose to take my Netsai along with her children, and now I am the one who is looking after his children; right now I am supermarket buying maize seed so that I can fend for the big family I now have,” he said.

Netsai also supported her new husband by denying that Claudius was the father of the child.

“I no longer have anything to do with him and his family and the father of the baby I am carrying is my husband.

“I met one of his relatives last week but we never discussed those allegations you are talking about.

“I am giving birth next year in January and if you are to calculate the time I am giving birth and the period I left his house you will see I fell pregnant after I had already left his place of residence,” said Netsai.

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