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People love me: Cleo

By Lisa Mafohla / Published on Thursday, 09 Aug 2018 14:31 PM / No Comments / 606 views

9 August 2018

SONGBIRD Cleopatra Arigonda said people love watching her perform live especially with her guitar.

“I am experimenting with different genres in order to bridge the gap between age, race and religion.

“People love to watch me perform live especially with my guitar because it is something that not many females can do (play guitar).

“I plan on releasing more music and producing visuals. My vision is to be not only an educated musician but also to be a successful business woman.”

She added:

“I have released only one single this year and the only challenge I am facing is financial support from the general audience due to the economic depression.

“Balancing school and music can also prove to be very difficult as pressure can mount on both sides.

“In the next five years I picture myself setting up arts based studios (from recording studios to dance studios) to support others who have talents such as mine.

“Handisiye is a song that encourages one to keep on trying even after failing a number of times.

“It talks about how patience and hard work will pay off in the end after persistence has been exercised.

“This song is indeed my breaking single and it was written by MacDee and Trevor Dongo and finally produced by MacDee,” said Cleopatra.

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