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By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Monday, 13 Jun 2016 16:51 PM / No Comments / 3628 views

13 June 2016

Phatisani 7

STAR FM’s 326 Express presenter, Phathisani Sibanda has revealed that he is finding it difficult to adapt to London food on his maiden trip overseas.

Phathisani and his 326 Express co-presenter, KVG are in London this week on a historic trip that has seen Star FM raise the bar.

Phatisani 6

The Star FM crew arrived in London on Friday morning and Phathisani revealed yesterday that he spent £20 on a meal he couldn’t eat.

“As for food it’s different. I spent about £20 on a meal I didn’t eat. I tried to experiment it didn’t work, I miss sadza and ‘Highfields’, hazvina competition.”

Phatisani 4

Apart from an unusual menu, Phathisani struggled with an 11-hour flight from Joburg while the warm welcome received on arrival has been humbling.

“It (flight) was tiresome and people in London welcomed us well. We are thankful for the appreciation, we never thought that our brand is this big beyond our borders. I am feeling the celebrity status kuno, we are appreciated.”

Phatisani 10

He is also finding the British summer amazing.

“As for the weather, it is raining but they have very long days because when its 11pm there will still be sunlight yet it will be 10pm and very dark back in Zimbabwe.”

Despite the amazing things and hospitality in the UK, Phathisani misses home.

“Here there are many people and of different races who have different opinions about certain races and all I can say is there is no place like home. I miss kugara pabridge ne H-Metro, nekudenha.”

Phatisani 5

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