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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Friday, 16 Dec 2016 15:21 PM / No Comments / 2660 views

16 December 2016

Snr AssComm Charamba
Snr Ass-Comm Charamba

HOOKERS who are taking the law into their own hands have been warned that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.

Chief Staff Officer Press and Public Relations to Commissioner General of Police, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba urged people being attacked by hookers to report to their nearest police stations.

“Police will not hesitate to arrest anyone who breaks the law or take the law into their hands,” said Snr Ass-Comm Charamba.

“We urge people to resolve their differences amicably and seek assistance from police if they fail to agree other than attacking each other,” she added.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charamba was responding to reports where men are being robbed and attacked by ladies of the night in the Avenues.

Police in Zimbabwe can no longer arrest women on charges of soliciting for sex in the absence of men confirming they were offered the services for a fee.

This is a great change from the era when women were apprehended in various police operations, and charged with loitering for the purposes of prostitution.

Last year, Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court issued a landmark ruling that made the arrest of suspected sex workers for loitering an illegal act.

Police in Zimbabwe have routinely raided brothels and arrested women for loitering in red light zones.

H-Metro was inundated with calls warning men who are loitering in the avenues area for prostitution to value their life and families by shunning such acts.

“Every day we read about men being robbed by prostitutes, it’s disheartening why these men are not valuing their life and children by engaging in prostitution,” said one of the readers.

“What is left of them is to get behind police holding cells after they exchange blows with the ladies when they are the ones supporting the prostitutes by hiring them daily, rambai muchivanyadzisa varume ivavo vakwane,” she added.

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